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A new outfit added to the game in two different color variants and a bonus custom item.

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Adds a new outfit with two color variants to the Fallout 4 world, among other useful misc items. 
The outfit can be obtained by following the quest marker added by the “Lost And Found” quest which takes you to a trader's post outside of DC (it'll become active when you load your game after installing the mod) You’ll recieve a small portion of XP after completing the quest and (hinthint) there’s a bonus item nearby! ;D
Ballistic Weave IS supported.
Available for Xbox One here!

cedaie (poot-nosed goose) for awesome testing and perfectionism input :D
And everyone else for supporting and following my mods/posts!
This mod or any of my mods would not be possible without the use of these great programs:
3DSMax 2016, Quixel, Photoshop, ZBrush, Outfit Studio, Creation Kit and Nifskope.

An all-new Nuka Cola flavor that adds unique benefits! 
Nothing can bring you down when you have this secret weapon in your pocket. 

Limited quantity! So use them wisely.

Vault Living Magazine!

Receive a special stacked bonus when you retrieve this limited edition magazine.


- There's some issues with skinning while sneaking. This will be fixed in future updates, as well as more skinning improvements.

- I haven't made any Bodyslide files for this outfit and I'm not entirely sure if it can work with the sliders properly. However, anybody is free to make a conversion or give it a try!

- Outfit is female only. No plans for a male version. Sorry!