About this mod

Do you put all your companions in one settlement for easy management? Want to give your loyal companions a home away from home? Give this renovated Red Rocket a try~!

Permissions and credits
I usually put all my companions in one settlement to easily manage them.  You don't have to worry about misplacing them, and can gain multiple affinities quickly when you modify weapons or armors.  Previously I just dump a bunch of sleeping bags.  However, on this play through, I decided to give these loyal followers a nice home away from home, each with a room that fits his or her personality.  In this Red Rocket, you will find multiple houses with a distinct theme that you can easily identify with a companion, including DLC ones.  There is even a raider themed room for Porter, if you have RR as a raider outpost.

While they do man shops, companions don't really buy or sell.  This is compensated with a trading post.  You can, of course, bring more settlers to run your shops.  There are 15 beds, 16 foods, and 30 water.  

To bring out each companion's theme, I went all out with decoration and clutter.  As such, there are quite a few items in this settlement, and you might experience a slight FPS dip.  As a reference, I am running a 6 years old PC with i5 2500K 3.3Ghz, 8G RAM, and NVidia GTX 750, and saw about a 5 FPS dips.  Just a FYI.

If you want just the structure and manage your own decoration, download the REQUIRED MODS.  OPTIONAL MODS below will list how I use them, and you can pick and choose what you like to include.  I HIGHLY recommend Creative Clutter and Do It Yourshelf, as these two makes up majority of my decoration.  If you see something in the pictures that you like, but not sure which mod, go ahead and shoot me a msg and I will try to answer it the best I can (I have over 200 mods installed and might not remember all of them).

Not listed as required, this mod was a major tool I used to build this settlement.  One of its functions is turning object physics off, which allows me to hang items, such as those fedoras in Valentine's office.  You might want to consider this mod if Settlement Transfer Blueprint doesn't translate physics on/off.

4-11-2017 Version 2:
There seems to be some pathfinding issue on the Red Rocket rooftop (what else is new...), and a few other areas.  Built some floors on the roof as well as some minor changes (such as raising the stair to Cait's house, and modify the walls and floors of Curie's house) to improve pathfinding.  You can see how the new rooftop looks like in the last two images.

  1. All DLCs
  2. Workshop Rearranged
  3. Better Store
  4. Snap n' Build 
  5. Homemaker - Expanded Settlements
  6. Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
  7. !!!Transfer Settlement Blueprint
  8. !!!HUDFramework

  1. Creative Clutters (tone of clutters, like the wheel in Longfellow's room, his bed, or Piper's printing press with inks.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS, and some of its clutters have synergy with Do It Yourshelf).
  2. dino's decoration (clutters)
  3. Crafting Fury 9000 GTX (some clutters such as the filled shelves and mannequins) 
  4. Do it Yourshelf (most of the clutter you see around the settlements, like those filled bookshelves.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS)
  5. Gruffydd's Signs And Posters (Signs and posters)
  6. Signs of Times (signs and posters)
  7. Busy Settlers (just some customized scavenging stations and workstation rugs, not needed, just something to keep your companion occupied)
  8. Xnjguy Filled Mods All-In-One (filled shelves such as those chem shelf in Hancock's room, or the general trade shelves in the Red Rocket cafe).
  9. Northland Digger (customized working station, such as piper's desk that will produce caps, or Longfellow's fish inspection station that produces happiness)
  10. Settlement Supplies Expanded (SSEX):  decoration and clutters