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Bandits want what you have, Drug Addicts want your chems and plain crazy cannibals will hunt you for your meat. Enemies will now seek you out, no matter where you try and hide, bandits will attempt to rob or kill people in populated areas too

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  • German
Tired of a static, predictable game?

This mod changes that


If updating from 1.3 or 1.4 To a newer version, it requires a clean install (remove mod, load game, save game, exit, check new version. play, save game) Failure to do this will break the mod, as a new spawn system is in place

This mod adds a number of encounters, based on level as well as when you obtain certain items, for example taking a high tech weapon or rare item may cause some Stalkers to come after you. New enemies will seek you out and try to kill you and can find you no matter where you are and will find ways into your settlement, after all they didn't make it this far without some skills.
Battles will become unpredictable and you will always be watching over your shoulder for the next Maniac who wants to steal what you have as well as random interactions where they are robbing or trying to attack a settlement.

Simply play as normal and eventually someone will come looking for you, be warned, this mod wasn't made to be easy and enemies spawn at high levels even from a new game. Sometimes you will have to just run, but they wont give up their pursuit once they see your loot.

The aim is to be a realistic mod and may sometimes appear unbalanced as a result 

When resting, enemies that are currently looking for you may catch up and appear when you wake.

New enemy types:

The most common type of enemy, they want your stuff. They use anything from Melee to high level rifles and will chase you down.
They have good gear and powerful weapons, and know how to handle a firefight

Looking to cut your flesh away and eat it, they are recognised by their poor appearance of rags, may carry guns or melee. The weakest of the new enemies they are easy to shoot down but have been known to easily sneak up on people.


Men and women driven insane by radiation, they are crazy blood seeking murderers. They prefer melee weapons such as rippers and sledgehammers, but don't be fooled. Due to their insane nature they have a 30% increased running speed and attack speed and wont give up easily


Looking for their next fix, they are fuelled with buffout, med X and any other number of drugs. They have over double the health pool of all the other classes and feel no pain, relentlessly attacking their enemy to get those precious chems


Not as combat savy as the rest of the classes, but they have perception of 10. Meaning they are almost impossible to hide from. They are tasked by their Bandit group to find new targets and hunt them down, they have also been known to call in reinforcements if they cant take down their target


Carrying advanced tech, these enemies are rare but use stealth tech to hide and ambush you, if you take high tech items (such as an advanced alien weapon) these enemies will seek you out. They are rare, but cannot be targeted in vats, are almost invisible and use high tech grenades and laser weapons

Hunter Killers

Highly dangerous cyborgs, they were once escaped synths but something went wrong. They have upgraded themselves and they only spawn at high player levels. Very tough, high tech weapons and don't give up. Will hunt you down and destroy everything in their path to kill you

Power armour using bandits, they are the best of the best, even stronger than the boss classes of the human bandits. Very tough, but still use raider weapons. And they are still human, spawn at mid to high level players

Each class also has a few bosses that may spawn at higher levels, however these are extremely rare. Just be warned, they have survived a long time in the wastes and have acquired some high level tech

How to play this mod
This mod doesn't require a new game, but some of the enemy spawns work when the player levels up (level 3 to level 80)

For example: Attacking a raider dungeon may trigger a few bandits coming after you to get revenge, they will spawn far away and then may take anything from a few minutes to and hour to find you on the map

 Be careful when resting as they may ambush you when you wake up

Simple file, place in Data Folder


Do not upload this anywhere else and do not edit and upload unless I give permission, if you are just translating it that's allowed just let me know 

Known bugs

1. Do not use the 'kill all' command in the command console, this will break the mod, even If you cant see any enemies around.

2. Sometimes killing an enemy, loading a earlier save and playing again will cause them to never spawn again, unknown why3

3. IMPORTANT, I suggest you turn off sleeping in survival mode and do no rest, as enemies will tend to fast travel to you, this is not intended