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Projectile Rocket Launcher (RAW Launcher)

Pump them full of pure energy.


- An alternative option for a missile launcher, RAW Launcher was designed to be highly customizable, light-weighted and versatile. The RAW Launcher features Thermal, Pulse, Plasma, Cryogenic and Nuclear energy reactor options that modifies a normal missile to inherit additional energy damage. The seeker now can be added for the superior fire-and-forget tactic. Furthermore, it also features unique naming scheme according to materials and reactor equipped.

---------Gun Attribute---------

- Regular Name: Projectile
- Ammo Type: Missile
- Ammo Count: 1
- Related Perk: Heavy Gunner, Demolition Expert

---------How to Install---------

Nexus Mod Manager (Recommended)
1. Download it through NMM.
2. Install the file and launch the game in NMM.

Manual Install
1. Download it manually.
2. Unzip and put them in Fallout 4 > Data in Steam folder.

---------How to obtain---------

- Can be bought from any gun shops that normally have Missile Launcher over level 39.
- Can be dropped as a Legendary item from *high-leveled Legendary enemies with the same chance as Missile Launcher over level 39.
* Tested on Legendary Raiders, Gunners, Synth and Super Mutants: Legendary Super Mutants may have a slight chance while the other don't.


- Quad Rioters