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Your head and body contain your most important organs, especially your heart. Don't just get the armour you love; you get the armour that loves you back!

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♫ When that bullet hits your head and you thought you were dead ♫

This mod increase the resistances of a majority of helmets, a few armours and all torso armour pieces.
While you'll find that better armours make your head and torso even harder to damage than before, enemies wearing them also have that advantage.
It is intended to be used with MyTweaks - Locational Damage, but that is not a required file.
New resistance stats can be found in the images tab - Dogmeat's armour now has some significance!

Future plans
• Compatibility patches
• Rebalances if needed
• Include other headwear and torso armour that's sensible
• Include applicable DLC armours

Built in FO4Edit 3.1.3 EXPERIMENTAL, this mod changes data for the armour entries and object modification entries (of all helmets and torso pieces) shown. If you have another mod that changes any of those, conflicts will arise.
The version "ArMOREd - Base" requires nothing but good ol' vanilla, DLC-less Fallout 4.
The version "ArMOREd - AWKCR and AsEx" requires AWKCR by Valdacil, Gambit77 and AndrewCX, Armorsmith Extended by Gambit77
Please use one version or the other, as no benefit is gained from using both!

My "Fallout 4 EXTREME Modded Survival" let's play and Fallout 4 Nexus uploads: