Fallout 4
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Adds a custom settlement Location to the Commonwealth Wildlands

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Okay, My merchant mod is back up! and still Stand-Alone! that means you DON'T need my main file for it!

Hendy the Merchant V1.2
Apparently there was some landscape edited i was unaware of (oops)!
Reverted that to vanilla and the Glitches went away!

And on to the main Mod!

Hendys Place V2.1

Completely rebuilt the entire area from scratch! Fixed Minor mesh and Landscape issues.
Added a Smallish Pond near the workshop for Water.

Now shows up on the Pip-Boy Workshop location!

I know the border isn't properly lined up with the ground, I Cannot fix it!
That being said if you know how to build Custom borders from scratch PLEASE hook me up! :-D

SO, this is my first modification of any game ever. IT ACTUALLY WORKS, YAY ME!

Anyways, All it Does is add a Custom Settlement area Just north of the robotics scrapyard following the road PAST the world Boundary.

That means you'll need to add this line: bBorderRegionsEnabled=0 to your Fallout4.ini and Fallout4Custom.ini to be able to reach it!

it is Literally just a workshop in the middle of nowhere. nothing special. no gimmicks. it is yours to build what you want! (V2.0+ adds a Cabin)
it has a decent sized build area and INSANE build height.
There is a map marker you can Follow But, You'll need to add that line to the .ini's before you do OR You cant reach it.
as far as i know it shouldn't have any conflicts as long as there isn't another mod installed that modifies the same area.

Kudos to StuykGaming AND m0ds1984 for the tutorials on how to do this!
Also to Bethesda and the Nexus of course!

If you like what im doin please endorse and give a kudos!
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