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Adds the second Power Armor Station as a placeable settlement item.

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The "Small" Power Armor Station


It turns out that there's a second fairly cool-looking power armor repair station hanging around in the world - you can see one "in the wild" at the South Boston Checkpoint, and once I saw it I got annoyed that I couldn't make one, so I fixed that!

This adds the "small" Power Armor Station to your settlement Crafting menu, right beside the big one that we're all used to.  The build materials and requirements are identical, the only difference is the amount of space it takes up in your house. 

Note: Odd little thing I've discovered... when it's placed in the default position, it's backwards - meaning when you leave your armor inside of it, you'll hop out of the back of the armor like normal, but the armor won't be oriented facing you, like in the big PA station...

If you want to see your armor's face when the armor's parked inside the frame like the other PA station does, you'll need to flip the frame around 180' - you can tell it's right when the red handlebars are on your side of the station.


Install using NMM, or download manually, unzip, and drop the .esp into your Fallout4\Data folder.

To uninstall, just delete the "PowerFrame_Small.esp"


### Updated!
1.)  Added a "small cooking station" that I found out in the wilderness - it's cute, small, and cheap to build :-)

2.)   Cleaned up the internals of the mod a little - no functionality changes made in the cleanup process.

3.)   Turns out the script that I copied in from the big station was no longer needed as of the latest patch, so I've reverted the small station to it's base scripts.  You should be able to enter "craft" mode with the new station again! :-)

Because somebody's going to ask, I used FO4Edit to make this mod, not TESVSnip or FO4Snip.

This is NOT a replacer like Power Armor Station Replacement, this actually adds the new station as an item, so you can place either (or both) stations.