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A strange broadcast pinpoints the location of three strangers in the Commonwealth, tangled up within a tenement building in the heart of Boston. Make friends, or enemies, explore, and discover, as you guide them to their destination.

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  • Russian

A strange broadcast pinpoints the location of three strangers in the Commonwealth, tangled up within a tenement building in the heart of Boston. Make friends, or enemies, explore, and discover, as you guide them to their destination.

Russian Language Version translated by kokokobana aka cat-boy

+ Automatron DLC
+ Far Harbor DLC

+ Various new locations to explore.
+ Roughly 20 quests. Several with multiple solutions for completion, and some with unique rewards.
+ Three voiced companions with full affinity, including romance options, perks, companions quests and reactive dialogue.
+ Over three thousand unique lines spread out across nearly 50 NPCs.

+ Any mod that alters the Commonwealth world space cell BackBayFence01 or uses radio frequencies 106.55, 107.64 or 107.65 may present compatibility issues. It's possible conflicts might arise in other ways but these are the most likely.
+ The Player is mute in all mod-related dialogues. To avoid the awkward long pause, we have placed detailed dialogue in the conversational prompts. We suspect mods that circumvent the dialogue choice prompts may lead to the player having blank dialogue choices.
+Using Renner Destructible Lights Mod is known to cause CTD at The Temple of Transmission and possibly Plum Grove. Credit to koalayung for discovering the conflict.

Any substantial bugs or issues we encounter will be listed. Please report any game-breaking bugs you encounter to this mod's discussion forum. Additionally, please be thorough in helping us to understand what went wrong. Any information that could lead to us recreating the problem is very much appreciated when making your post!

+ Some people have mentioned that the 'Odd Broadcast' is silent for them, and due to this do not know where to start.  You CAN start without the broadcast. Search the vicinity of Trinity Tower and Layton Tower for a location called Plum Grove.  You're good to go once inside.

+ There have been some reports of NPCs locking up during their dialogue.  We're not sure what could be the cause of this, as it seems to crop up randomly.  Possible remedies for this are turning away from the NPC to exit dialogue, punching them, or lastly reloading from the game's main menu.

+We have had some reports of the mod installing incorrectly when using NMM. If you are running into irregularities, such as missing audio for lines or invisible armor, then check Fallout 4's Data folder. If you do not see The Code - Main.BA2 and The Code - Textures.BA2 along with The Code.esp then it's recommended you uninstall and then try installing manually.

Version History:

1.1 Notes

1.11 Notes

We'd like to thank everyone who helped us create The Code whether by lending their voice talent or allowing the use of their creations.

Assests have been used with permission from their creators. They are included in the file. Please see their pages for more information on their work!
Sentry Armor by Daejones
Techfreak Armor (Featured in Commonwealth Scavvers) by Horus5
Cooks Helmet (Featured in Cook-Cook The Welding Raider) by SpyRodz

Voice Work

HUGE thank you to all the wonderful people who took the time to contribute to this project!

1 - Barker – Voiced by L.P. Harris
2 - Bo Banner - Voiced by Jousis
3 - Bussard - Eric Peterson
4 - Butter - Voiced by Demitri Cullen
5 - Cherry Bomb - Voiced by Leanne Osmond
6 - Cleaver - Voiced by Demitri Cullen
7 - Clive - Voiced by TheDoctor470
8 - Conrad - Voiced by Nathan Tegel
9 - Daryl - Voiced by Dalton Vane ([email protected],
10 - Dent - Voiced by Brandon (@burnenater on Instagram/Twitter )
11 - Doc Ross - Voiced by Andrew M. ([email protected])
12 - ED - Voiced by Nikolas Yuen
13 - Farnsworth - Voiced by Nikolas Yuen
14 - George - Voiced by Kyle Commander
15 - Guy - Voiced by James Milne
16 - I - Voiced by Matthew Armstrong (Twitter: @reggiefilsameme, [email protected])
17 - Ira - Voiced by Crazy Greg Films
18 - Jack Wren - Voiced by Brendan Gorkis ([email protected])
19 - Jim - Voiced by Chris Lilly/LightOfJustice ([email protected])
20 - Jones - Voiced by Jake "Craftiian" Rowe
21 - K - Voiced by Demitri Cullen
22 - Luke - Voiced by Rasmus Gerdin, ([email protected])
23 - Louis - Voiced by Nikolas Yuen
24 - M - Voiced by Justin Abbott
25- Mama Maria - Voiced by Storm Watters
26 - Mamie - Voiced by Sara Bittner (@finfy)
27 - Morse - Voiced by Nikolas Yuen
28 - N - Voiced by Michelle Hurtado (Youtube)
29 - Nancy - Voiced by SkyRaeVoicing ([email protected])
30 - Oliver - Voiced by Jake "Craftiian" Rowe
31 - Parker - Voiced By JoJo Uchu
32 - Paulie - Voiced by Clayton Whittle
33 - Pete - Voiced by Manuel Benavidez
34 - Philip - Voiced by Josiah Walker 
35 - Pollo - Voiced by Vincent Eller ([email protected])
36 - R - Voiced by Brandon, (@burnenater on Instagram/Twitter )
37 - Randall - Voiced by Manuel Benavidez
38 - Richards - Voiced by Gatorfolk
39 - Sam - Eric Peterson ([email protected])
40 - Spoon - Voiced by TJ Pascai
41 - Stuart - Voiced by Wyatt Henry
42- Sunny - Voiced by SkyRaeVoicing ([email protected])
43 - Sutecliffe - Voiced by Brendan Gorkis ([email protected])
44 - Tucker Wells - Voiced By Wyatt Henry
45 - Tusk - Voiced by Clayton Whittle
46 - Vernon - Voiced by James Milne
47 - Weizmann - Voiced by Michelle Hurtado (Youtube)
48 - Wilma - Voiced by Storm Watters

Face Ripper
Material Editor

Recommended Mods:
Radrose Usability Enhancements is a patch for Valdacil's Item Sorting which supports the new items added by The Code along with many other mods and other changes.