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Visible Weapons holster apparels for custom weapons made by various mod authors.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds wearable apparels for custom weapons made by various mod authors:

9x39 Project
Russian Recon Pack
OTs-33 Pernach
Steyr AUG A1
Sig Sauer P220
OTs-02 Kiparis
M1 Garand

Krebs AK

Ak5C + Skin pack
Elysium AK

to be used with registrator2000's Visible Weapons - 3rd Person Holster mod.

It comes with a FOMOD installer. Separate plugins as well as an All-in-One merged option is available.
The holsters can be crafted in the Chem Station - Visible Weapons Extended menu, or Utility menu if you are using separated plugins.

My mod requires materials and textures from the original weapon mods to be installed. If you encounter a crash, it's highly likely that you have missing files that my mod points to. Only install the merged plugin if you are using ALL the weapons, and choose only the holsters you have installed from the separated plugins.

2.0 introduces modular customizability: attachments can now be changed at the Armor Workbench: Sights, scopes, some camos, tapes, suppressors, tactical gear. Most guns even have a unique position adjusted for the Rebel Backpack.

This mod REQUIRES the Visible Weapons (weapon mods fix) from Holsters and sheats, for full functionality.
(only the optional file is needed, the main mod isn't)

If you don't already have this fix, you have to do a clean install of Visible Weapons:
1. Unlink all your weapons, use the cqf holster uninstall command in the console.
2. Save your game in a new slot, quit game
3. Uninstall Visible Weapons - 3rd Person Holster by registrator2000
4. Load the latest save ("Ok" the warning), make a clean save to a new slot
5. Re-Install Visible Weapons - 3rd Person Holster 1.3 by registrator2000
6. Overwrite VW with the FIX from Altered Beast's mod
7. Load the last save and re-link your weapons.

There are a few weapons with missing attachments. Some had to be cut to avoid extreme clipping, others I leave out because they're not worth my time.

Due to the nature of the static models, clipping might happen. I tried to keep a generous space between the body and the models but I can't promise it'll work with everyone's character.

Enjoy, hope you like the mod.

Credits and thanks:
FX0x01(HyperX) - for the original mods and permission.
asXas - for the original mods and permission
Millenia - for the original mods and permission
robersonb1(The Shiny Haxorus) - for the original mods and permission
friffy - for her awesome guide, and the help she's given me.
cdante - for friendship, tons of advice, help and motivation.
ousnius - for help and advice with meshes.
BenderSKR(Oh Deer) - for friendshup, testing, feedback, screenshots and custom banner.
zalteredbeastz - for his original holster modularity idea, which my 2.0 version was reverse engineered from.
registrator2000 - for making Visible Weapons - 3rd person holster.