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A Sim Settlement Blueprint Using Transfer Settlements... does that make this a simulated blueprint?

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This is ONLY for folks running Sim Settlements... mainly.


Egret Tours Marina build space is now a rather large "Gated" Sim Settlement that included 28 residential plots, 7 business plots, 1 industrial plot and 14 farm plots. Plus a nice wall surrounding the entire site.
Yep! No more Radstags running through your settlement knocking stuff over.

Site Prep:
This one is rather simple. Just open the console and type scrapall. Then manually scrap whatever is left (which is very little) and import the blueprint.
Once it's done, move the workshop workbench over in the left corner (facing the water), wire everything up and have fun.

Install with a mod manager and it will overwrite the (1) folder.
You did back that one up before installing this one.. right?
Unpack the simset_egret.rar
Copy the bp_simset_marina_170402064611.json file to..
Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\TransferSettlements\blueprints\"the EMPTY folder of your choice"

Wasteland Workshop DLC
Transfer Settlements
Sim Settlements
Clean Shacks
Place Everywhere

Optional... but REALLY recommended..
Raider Themed Workshop ...for the wall
Easy Homebuilder and Working Double Beds...for 3 power poles (or build pylons)
Advanced Settlement Turret Set ...for defence
Settlement Objects Expansion Pack ...for the water and power
Scrap Everything ...for..why not!
No More Disappearing Act ...if you're using a scraping mod.. you prolly already have this
Power everywhere - Long range pylon ...just really bloody handy!

If you enjoy these blueprints please hit that Endorse button. Means a lot to an old fart. ;)

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