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Reworks and optimizes the creature textures from the official HD DLC, as well as introducing some missing textures and material changes.

Permissions and credits
This mod reworks many of the creature textures found in the HD DLC, as well as introducing some missing textures and material changes. All of the included textures consist entirely of assets from the vanilla game, with some mixing and matching at times.

The HD DLC is not required.

There are two versions available: 2K and smaller textures with only normal maps, material and nif edits, and a 4K version with all of the above, as well as diffuse textures.

The overview of changes is as follows:

  • Converted all normal maps to DXT1. They are now half their original file sizes.
  • Converted a small number of diffuse maps to DXT1, as applicable.
  • Increased the intensity and detail of most normal maps, in addition to adding skin patterns to many normals.
  • Created new diffuse maps for feral ghoul variants that did not have 4K versions.
  • Applied subsurface scattering to every material found in or on creatures, as reasonable.
  • Adjusted the intensity of the lights projected by glowing creatures, making them slightly more noticeable.
  • All Molerats now have boobs.
I intend to add the creatures from Far Harbor and Nuka World in the near future.

As far as any bugs that this pack may have, there are three issues which I'm aware of and do not know how to or have given up on fixing:
  • The base Mirelurk King has a small amount of floating pixels near one of its fins.
  • Super Mutant faces have some visible seams.
  • Glowing One necks have a visible seam.

The ENB used in the screenshots is Photorealistic Commonwealth, alongside its lighting mod.