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Radio Oldies
Version: 2.00

I've done this mod just to add some ambient music in this incredible settlement blueprint: Megaton_BluePrint ( Spectacle Island ) 

A radio station named "Radio Oldies" and its receiver furniture for workshop.
35 Songs (Every song contained has been dowloaded from http://publicdomain4u.com or http://funfunfunmedia.com)

Quoting the owner of http://publicdomain4u.com:

"About this music

Works that are publicly available in the context of intellectual property law"

Quoting the tittle at http://funfunfunmedia.com:

"Free, legal MP3s"

1.01 - You can now place the Radio Oldies furniture on tables and other surfaces, like the other radio furnitures.
1.02 - The radio station is now started once you exit the vault, because if you start listening to it before you exit from
the vault, when you enter in the elevator the game stops the radio transmitter and it also this disables
the radio station forever, now it wont happen anymore.
2.00 - Reduced the list of songs to 35
- The code has been cleaned and improved.
- Now it is scripted to start automatically at the appropiate moment, so you don't need to worry anymore about the bug in the previous version
- The tittle of the song and the name of the artist are shown before playing each song.