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Modders Resource for the Spartan Battle Suit, 16 new decals, and 8 Texture full sets

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Spartan Battle Suit Texture Resource
By. Griffin

 These Resources are made for
Tumbajamba's Spartan Battle Suit by tumbajamba azrael_wtf

 Please note:

1)    Though the battle suit uses the Sentry Bots Textures these textures may or may not work in re-texturing the Sentry Bot parts.

What is included in download


1 Set of Black textures
1 Set of Blue textures
1 Set of Plain Primer Gray (these are the base for all other texture Groups)
Custom sets
1 Set of Custom Gray and Black
1 Set of Construction or (Bumblebee)
1 set of Vault Tec

New Textures

1 Set of Urban Camo
1 Set of Woodland Camo

1 Vault Tec Basic
3 Vault Tec with unit numbers
Vault Tec – Westland,Contraptions, and Vault Tec Workshop Girls with Unit Numbers

New optional Decals

1 set of Brotherhood of steel x2

1 set of Minutemen x5

1 Nuka Cola Gir

Optional Files

Texture png Resource -adds 6 png files  with hardware, filters in a png format
which may help you make your own custom textures based on main file.

This will require some modding knowledge.

You will have to down load and manually add these resources to the game.

Then editing the BGSM file that came with the original mod to replace the dds image with the one you wish to use, and save.
you shouldn't have to edit the esp file to get them to work.

The current dds sets use the normal maps and spectral maps from the Sentry Bot that came with the game.
As seen in the the screen shots above.

option two

Is to make edits in the esp to add new material swaps via FO4edit
back up original esp before making edits.

Please note I'm currently not proficient in making FO4 mods at this time, and I normally only make FNV mods and re-textures.


Here is a couple videos on how to make a material swap for you battle suit.

These videos are in English by Jonathan Ostrus

He gives detailed instructions
with image text on the editors that are readable while he is giving the tutorial.
Presented in a clear and understandable tutorial video.

Watch this one first

Fallout 4 Mod Tutorial -How to use Material Editor

 These will help you create the edits needed to help add them to your current esp or a esp add-on

Fallout4 Mod Tutorial - How to Color Material Swap Mods - FO4Edit Tips

(This one has all the steps typed out in the description as well which came in handy
when making my own color swap)

 Similar as above but good comparison video 

Fallout4 Mod Tutorial - How to make retextures be a new armor.


Please feel free to use these in your mods as long a it is posted on Nexusmods and link has been posted in the comments section.
These textures cannot be used for profit of any kind.
Please give credits to tumbajamba azrael_wtf for the orginal mod and new textures to myself
Thank you

Tools used:
B.A.E. - Bethesda Archive Extractor by jonwd7
Material Editor by ousnius


The creators of Gimp, Nifskope, nexusmods and fallout 4
Along with
 jonwd7, ousnius, tumbajamba azrael_wtf,and Griffin