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Makes the institute and standard laser weapons smaller in the 1st person.

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 This mod changes the 1st person animations for the institute and standard laser weapons to make them look smaller. It's the same laser weapons animations but with the moved pelvis bone position. Everything tested with the default FOV (80).

Xbox version is now available at Bethesda.net, many thanks to jdorenbush.

Video overview by Oxhornmovies. Starts on 8:19

 Copy files to your data folder and activate InstitWeapPosit.esp in the launcher.

 Deactivate InstitWeapPosit.esp in the launcher and remove it from you data folder, as well as InstitWeapPosit - Main.ba2

-Known issues 
 Since vanilla idle animations cannot be converted to 32bit, i had to make new ones. I'm not an animator, but i tried to add at least some breathing movements. It's only one animation for all idles, so no fancy hands movements like in vanilla, while you standing.
 Because i moved the whole body forward, some armor pieces can now show up in the first person. Like on this screenshot. Thanks to Dexananda for finding this issue.

 In v1.1 added new idles made by Wardaddy, kudos to him! It still only one idle, but the animations are far better than mine.

 Institute weapons now using it's own animation set and using different keywords, any mod which changes institute barrel or grip modifications will requare a patch.
 Any retextures or mesh replacers for institute weapons should work fine, because this mod adds only animations.
 I tested the mod with Button Lowered Weapons and it works fine, but "my" animations have some noticable hitches while player turning around. It could be because turning animations cannot be converted and i left them untoched (it's not noticable without the mod). Or because of all converting process and other stuff, animations are not as smooth as vanilla anymore. Use it or not is up to you.

 Never Go Full Auto Compatibility Patch by Joel Flake
 Realistic Guns and Bullets Overhaul Compatibility Patch by Xyloritus 

-Credits and thanks
 ShadeAnimator, DexesTTP, CPU for Fallout 4 Animation Kit 
 MaikCG for F4Biped animation rig
 The Shiny Haxorus\robersonb1 for animation setup and exporting tutorial
 Steampunk755\Wardaddy for new idles