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The default Fallout 4 grass is pretty pathetic so I made a small mod to adjust the density, height and slope limit.

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I always found the default amount of grass in Fallout 4 pretty pathetic, so I made a mod to increase the density.
You have 3 options to choose from; Low, Medium and High. See screenshots.

This will modify the density, height and slope limit of:
All types of Grass and Kelp
Small Scattered Rocks
All types of Rubble
Pre-War grass

Install like any other mod:
Mod Manager is HIGHLY recommended and does everything for you
Otherwise, extract your chosen version to your data folder "\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4\Data" and make sure you are set up to use mods.

V2 - Instead of just Density, these files now also modify Height and Slope Limit. The last 3 files were a bit strong so I scaled them down.
V1 - initial release - Increases grass density by x3, x5 or x10.

As this increases the amount of grass that the game spawns this WILL drop your framerate. Please be aware of this.
x10 is only recommended for screenshots, it will probably halve your framerate.

I made these files quickly and decided to release them. As such, if you decide to use this mod you accept full responsibility for anything that may occur, sav corruptions, CTDs, etc. Whilst this is unlikely, I've been switching through these files on my savefile and everything still works fine, you must be aware it is still a possibility.
These files have also not been tested fully throughout the game. If you find any problems relating to this mod, please let me know.