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breaks up signs from the vanilla game into their individual letters, allowing you to create your own custom/believable signs

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This mod breaks up signs found throughout the game world into their individual letters. This will allow you to mix and match letters to make your own unique signs. Now you can have an actual variety of vendors, rather than the same Hardware Town, Fallon's, and Hotel Rexford in every settlement. For now this requires Settlement Keywords Expanded and is found under Decorations>SKE Decorations>Vertical Surfaces>Lettering, but I might add a menu via scripts. All pieces are fully scrappable and movable. Only requires the base game.

Want a SMM compatible version? Great news! Vanguardascendent made one. Link: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/44325

This is a work in progress, but everything presented so far is fully functional. I plan on adding many more letter sets. If you want letters from different signs to be the same size, I highly recommend using console commands (setscale) or Place Everywhere to adjust them. I may eventually release different sizes of each, but not until I'm happy with the variety of letter sets present. All letters are now covered!

-Fallon's (including the apostrophe)
-Memory Den
-Red Rocket
-General Atomics
-Arcjet Systems
-Hotel Rexford
-Drumlin Diner
-2nd Fallon's Department Store variation
-Goodneighbor (includes many neon arrows and a period)
-Mackie's Packies (includes an !)
-Mass Bay Medical Center
-Parsons Asylum
-Cambridge Police (only including intact letters)
-Boscom Theatre

-Diamond City Schoolhouse
-Diamond City Surplus
-Publick Occurences
-Colonial Taphouse
-Super Salon

*new in v0.6

-Halloween Banners
-Wooden plank letters
-Bone Letters
-Script Injected Menus and Individual Sub Menus

-Some of the Bank and Arcjet pieces have some weirdness going on. I tried to fix them, but it seems to be a problem with the original model.
-Red Rocket C has placement issues. I have been unable to replicate the issue or find anything wrong with the nif, but multiple people have reported it.
-Scrolling through everything can be somewhat of a chore. Sub menus are coming eventually, but I only work on mods sporadically so no promises on when.

If you come across anything that seems like it's not working how it should, let me know! I can't fix what I don't know about. If you like this consider endorsing. It shows that people are interested in the mod and gives me motivation to work on adding more content.

This was made with Nifskope, 3Ds Max, FO4Edit, and B.A.E. Looking at what Gruffydd did to make Signs of the Times saved me a lot of trouble.