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Adds the Quantum Deathclaw back the was cut form the official release.

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Quantum DeathClaws
Adds the Quantum Deathclaw back into the game after it was cut from the official Nuka-World DLC.

For those who don't know about this, the Quantum Deathclaw looks exactly like the green Glowing Deathclaw,
but it glows blue.(See Images For Comparison.)

I made this mod just to only add the Quantum Deathclaw in the game. I am aware that there is other mods that add more variety and change the deathclaw in more details like, Deadlier Deathclaw by MPankey, and More Deathclaw Variety by Hopper31. 
There should not be ay conflict with other mods since I use only original Fallout 4 File,
Please report any bugs or Suggestions.

Fallout 4
Nuka-World DLC


Quantum Deathclaws only should spawn in Nuka-World.

Adds Quantum Deathclaw to Fallout 4.