Fallout 4
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A previously unmarked Location near Recon Bunker Theta turned into a Settlement

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Editor's Note::

As of now, I will no longer add support to this mod. I have tried so far to get it fixed, but just end up making it worse. I will hearby, give public permission to anyone interested to take this mod and work on it. Please let me know the link so I can add it here. Thank you to all of those who downloaded this mod. 



First and foremost, thanks for taking the time to see this mod. I created this mod because I always found this location to be a nice place for a medium-sized settlement. This is my first mod and I appreciate it if you could at least take the time to check it out. 

Hermit's Hideout is mainly a small mountain with roads surrounding it located near Reacon Bunker Theta (is automatically added for fast travel to your map). I'm uploading the mod to get it out there for everyone to see while I get better and make this mod work smoother. I want to get people to mainly test this settlement out and report back any bugs that it might occur. More experienced modders are also welcome to poke their finger in and check it out in the CK (POIRJ19 in the cell name, may change it later), as well as submit suggestions on how to make this mod work better for the community.

I didn't alter anything outside the settlement's boundaries and did my best to leave markers, and all other world data alone to avoid mod conflicts or game craziness. 

This mod only includes the area as a working settlement. You can recruit and send settlers to the area, as well as see the happiness change. Of course, further testing is required and I personally would consider this a Beta.


Add structure to the scrap list.
Make stats of the settlement visible in the map marker (They DO show in the workshop menu in the pip-boy)
Add more attack/spawn markers.
Find out why Recruitment Beacon stops attracting settlers after the first (can still send settlers here)


Sprinting Bug
Problem with adding the trees to the scrap list.
Add in-game visible boundaries.

As previously stated, I urge others to suggest and report any problems they may have with the mod itself and suggestions on how to do so as well. I will try to fix them as best as I can. The goal of this is to perfect this mod to the highest caliber possible, and for me to be able to get better at modding, and add a bit more to the community of experienced modders who put out their work. 

As far as console goes, I will not upload this to Beth.net until I'm sure it works like a regular settlement. 
For now, I would prefer to keep this mod from being an open resource until its finished. 
The picture shown with the red rectangle is the actual build-able area. I've yet to place boundaries.
Suggestions in order to make this mod better is accepted as long as you don't ask for the impossible. 


V 1.5
Added 4 ammo boxes to indicate approximate build area. Each box is in each of the actual corners. I recommend you use them for reference. (Will remove because I noticed they are hard to find.)
Removed most of the Shrubbery, as well as the large boulders in the area.
Added the Protectron pod to the scrap list (If you use Scrap Everything, make sure you load this mod above it just to be safe).

V 0.2
Added ROUGH visible boundaries. (CK is finicky when rotating/moving objects).