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Makes all concrete blocks look cleaner, but not sterile.

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I don't know about you, but I hated how all concrete blocks look since I saw them for the first time. Too dirty for something so freshly built. So I've made this to makes all concrete blocks look cleaner, but not sterile. It's a post apocalypse after all. :D
It also wont change any metal elements look. Unless you gonna use an option with a fully concrete foundation obviously.

If you want even cleaner look, you could use a Less Repetitive Concrete mod. It will apply its effect on all concrete blocks if used along my mod.

You have two choices here and one optional:

- Cleaner look only will only make concrete look cleaner.

- Fully concrete foundation block will not only make all concrete cleaner, but will also remove metal elements from concrete foundation block.
You may probably want to use a "more snaps" version of this from my other mod listed below. It will give you a solid floor without gaps and seams.

- Optional No Mesh download will remove ugly rusty mesh from both concrete floor blocks. Never understood why it was there in the first place. I guess the one who made it was unaware of how concrete blocks are really made.

You may also want to check my other mods from WWE set:
Wasteland Workshop Expansion (WWE) - main mod that
adds some of the existing in-game items to the Wasteland Workshop.

Snap Snap - adds more snaps for all solid foundation blocks and more.
Glazing - allows you to glaze window frames in your concrete wall blocks.
Decent Elevators - adds a better floor for the workshop elevators.
Wind Farms and Fusion - makes wind generators stackabke into wind farm and more.
Canopies - adds canopies with physics (wind sway animation).

Relight - revamp for the workshop lights.

Enjoy! Or not.