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Added: 22/03/2017 - 11:47PM
Updated: 20/08/2017 - 11:45PM

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Last updated at 23:45, 20 Aug 2017 Uploaded at 23:47, 22 Mar 2017

AWKCR and Armorsmith Extended compatibility (as far as I can tell) are included in FOMOD file.

Tell me if the FOMOD doesn't work or the AWKCR patches don't work; this is my first time making a FOMOD and I'm not sure how to exhaustively test AWKCR. It's fine as far as I can tell, though. I probably won't add the patches separately since the files list would become exponentially more cluttered.


The new material swap system works pretty well, but it looks like the developers forgot to actually apply some of
the textures to the items. Specifically items with a pre-war and post-war version.

-Dirty Trench Coat now uses post-war textures on male characters (Vault-Tec Rep actually looks like he's supposed
 to now).

-Dirty Army Helmet now uses correct textures when dropped or viewed from inside inventory.

-Lab Coat uses correct textures on female characters.

-Lots of Vault Suit fixes:
  • All of the clean vault suits actually use the correct Armor Addons now.
  • Female vault suits get their own material swaps, meaning the clean textures show up for female characters.
  • All the on-the-ground models (folded vault suits) use proper materials.
  • The trim texture doesn't look like it does much of anything but I swapped them anyway just in case.
  • All 1st Person (arm) models use proper textures.
  • These include Vault suits not actually in the game.

-Vault-Tec Security Armor for Vault 111 (dirty and clean variants) uses V111 textures instead of V81 textures on ground and in preview.

-Clean Vault-Tec Security Helmet now uses clean textures on ground and in preview.

-The black paint scheme for robots using Sentry legs now uses the proper material.

I think I got all of them, but tell me if you find anything else that uses clean textures when it should use dirty
textures or vice versa, or if it looks to be using the wrong material swap.

Last I checked, the Unofficial Patch didn't fix some of these. I might be wrong, though, since I haven't updated it
in a while.

Conflicts shouldn't be a problem because if something conflicts with this, it probably means it does the same
thing or better. Put this at the top of the load order so everything else overwrites it.



Download the FOMOD and install it with NMM or MO (I think MO will work, I could never get it working for FO4 even though I use it for everything else).

Just drop the .esp file(s) of your choice in the Data folder in your installation of Fallout 4. Either use any combination of the main file + DLC fixes or the combined fix if you have all of the DLCs this patches. Theoretically, you could also use the DLC fixes without the main patch. Not sure why you would, but it won't break anything.