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Adds the ability to claim a settlement for a faction (Currently supports Minutemen, Brotherhood of Steel, Railroad, the Institute and the Gunners) so that the radio recruitment beacon will recruit settlers from said faction.

Permissions and credits
Author's notes:
- This mod is a Nexus exclusive, I will not spend time to upload my mod to other sites and I will not trust others to do so in my stead, please respect this decision (If you do find this mod on another site, it was stolen and may contain malware)
- Please read the stickied post in the comment section for important information
Requires the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch version 2.0.2 or above, and therefore also requires ALL DLC!, the nature of this requirement is because the UFO4P is widely used and conflicts with this mod, so consider it kind of a 'required' compatibility patch. I will not separate it for users who dont use the UFO4P because I will have to write code for this mode twice over
If you select to use the infinite budget addon, you do NOT need to use any other settlement budget mods, if you are using a settlement budget mod that adds infinite budget via script or bat file, you do NOT need to use this mods infinite budget addon
- If you build a faction settlement and later become an enemy of said faction, the faction settlers of that settlement WILL attack you!, this will however NOT break your settlement in any way, you can just reclaim the settlement for a different faction after killing them

Very simple mod, adds the ability to claim settlements for a faction
Currently supports Minutemen, Brotherhood of Steel, Railroad, the Institute and the Gunners

You can claim a settlement for a faction by constructing the belonging plot flag located under the "Special" tab when in building mode, and then activating the flag by pressing the activate key on it outside of building mode

After claiming a settlement for a certain faction, build and activate a radio recruitment beacon to recruit settlers from the new faction (already existing recruitment beacons will not work, if you already have one you need to store it and place it again)
The faction of a settlement can be changed at any time by building and activating a different plot flag

You dont have to keep the plot flag after having activated it, if you dont like the look of it, you can remove it

Ive currently disabled the option to move faction settlers to a different settlement, if popular demand asks to enable that, I will do so
You can however assign faction settlers to caravans (I dont want to restrict free choice too much)

Note that if recruiting faction settlers from opposing factions (e.g. recruiting BoS settlers while you have Institute settlers in your settlement), they will fight eachother, theyre not generic settlers after all, theyre faction settlers

There currently is not much variety in faction settler appearance, youll see a lot of the same faces, Ill perhaps do something about this eventually, but no promises (its a lot of very boring work)

And lastly, there are some requirements to be able to build the plot flags, they are as follows:
- You must NOT have destroyed the faction in question, or be hostile with them
- For the BoS you need to be allied with them and have paladin rank or above
- For the Railroad you need to have joined them
- For the Minutemen you need to have completed Old Guns (the artillery quest)
- For the Institute you need to have completed Nuclear Family (the final institute quest)
- For the Gunners you need to collect Clint's Holotape from Quincy and deploy the code phrase to issue a change in command of Echo Company

V1.3.0 - Added UFO4P requirement, fixed issue related to UFO4P and settler recruitment, added new variations of faction settlers
V1.2.1 - Reupload with missing script, settlers are now leveled, added ability to revoke Echo Company leadership
V1.2.0 - Fixes issues with settler hostility, adds gunner faction
V1.1.1 - Fixes issue with settler recruitment (should work, but if it doesnt, please do let me know!)
V1.1.0 - Adds plot flag for civilian settlers, adds DLC support, adds infinite settlement budget support
V1.0.0 - Initial release

Things to be aware of:
- Gunner settlers are not protected, this means that other NPCs can kill them, this is intentional, but I may change it if there is demand for it

- NOT compatible with anything that edits any of the following:
 WorkshopParent (Quest)
 WorkshopWorkbench (Container)
 WorkshopParentScript.pex (Under Data\Scripts)
 WorkshopObjectScript.pex (Under Data\Scripts)

- Apart from that there shouldnt be any issues with anything