Fallout 4
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Makes your custom PipBoy just that: Custom!

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Does it make you angry that you have this sweet new PipBoy, custom tailored to your tastes, and every chump in the Wasteland has the same one?  Worry no more!

What this mod does:
Makes custom textures for your PipBoy only apply to your character.  All NPC's in the Wasteland have a different texture, so you can really be the unique little butterfly you were always meant to be!

How to install:
Use NMM, or manually put the files into your Data folder if you're a caveman.  This will not change any PipBoy retextures you already have installed.

How to use:
This changes the file paths used by NPC PipBoys to a different folder, so it is compatible with every PipBoy retexture mod out there, as well as the PipPad mod!  Simply install any retexture how you normally would.

ABOUT THE .ESP: You only need to activate the Unique Pipboy.esp if you are starting a new game.  The only thing this does is change the PipBoy worn by the doctor in Vault 111 to the same one worn by Vault 81 dwellers/everyone else instead of the Player 3rd person one (the one seen during talking scenes).  If you are not starting a new game, there is no need to use the .esp.

If you would like to change the textures of the PipBoy worn by the NPC's, you can do so by putting your textures for them into the Textures/animobjects/NPCPipBoy folder.  

Notes:  I made this very quickly after finishing my custom PipBoy texture.  I checked in the GECK for all uses of the 3rd person model uses by a non-player, and only found the Vault-Tec doctor to use it (the dude in the picture above, the rest were unused assets).  I have not tested this extensively, so if you find anyone else in the Wasteland that is wearing your PipBoy, please let me know so I can fix it.