Just a few Posters Billboards and PinUps by friffy
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Just a few Posters, Billboards and PinUps

Have you found yourself getting bored looking at the billboards, advertising posters or these pinups you find all over the wastelands? Well, this could make it a bit more interesting for a while. Eyecandy for the ladies and of course gentlemen.

I had the idea a while agon when I made some Pinups for a mod of a nexus friend. Well, I had all these pictures on my HD and I thought, hey friffy, why don't you make good use of it? So here it is. Something worth look up to and at it. All around in the Wastelands. Always a nice surprise to discover and a place to rest and to take a deep breath of joy after a hard fight.

This is a texture replacer. And although you won't see anything "bad" I tagged it as "adult content". There are some male butts to see and it's better not to make the Nexus staff indignant. There are some pictures in the screenshot section - but not all of the posters. Surprise yourself...

Probably upcomming questions:

Friffy, this isn't lorefriendly! - I know and I don't care. And it's damn hard to find male pinups from the 50s and 60s. Not to say almost impossible.

Friffy, the quality sucks! - Sorry, I had to find some nice pictures and most of the time they are either of good quality or free to use. I had to choose the second.

Friffy, these guys aren't exactly "eyecandy" - Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder

Friffy, I don't like a lot of these pictures - No ploblem, go into your textures/setdressing/Signage folder and delete the pics you don't like. Or replace them with pics you like. But make sure it's the same "type" of sign.

Friffy, why just guys and no girls? - Because. I like guys - well, most of them at least. So why should I hang up and look at female Pinups? And you shouldn't always believe what (most) screenshots try to suggerate - a lot of women aren't lesbians and some men do love other men.

Friffy, you said you will take a break. Why another mod? - I know, but since I already had most of the stuff finishes I thought, hey, do it. One last time before my Mass Effect vacation. And it's a "matter of the heart" so to say... and will probably be continued. More posters. And I'm thinking of a nice Grognak Cover replacer.

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