Fallout 4
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This mod replaces two files to fix a problem that some material settings for
power armor frames are not applied correctly.

As you will see, this problem has nothing to do with texture files
(e.g. ***_d.dds, ***_n.dds, ***_s.dds, and so on),
so please understand that all the authors of retextures are not to blame :-)

The first file:
is the mesh file for "unmanned" power armor frames.
It fixes such problems that
 - the specular map is disabled when it rains, or
 - the cube map is not applied.

The second file:
is the material setting file for 1st person view of frames.
It fixes a problems that the specular map is not applied.

Drag and drop into the Data folder or use NMM.

Remove the two files or use NMM.

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