Fallout 4
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Adds Ballistic Fiber, Vault Suit linings, and Legendary Clothes attribute (if installed) compatibility to all under-armor and dog armor.

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Update 1.3 now works with Legendary Clothes - but does not require it.

This mod aims to balance out the viability of Ballistic Weave and Vault Suit linings by making them accessible to all under-armor apparel. You still need to obtain the Ballistic Fiber perk from The Railroad's quests to use the weaves!

By default, Vault Suits are the most defensive under-armor item up until you get the ability to craft Ballistic Fiber, under which case they become second to the Army Jumpsuit. However, the army jumpsuit looks really bad. This will fix that by allowing all under-armor type apparel to be modified in the same ways that the Army Jumpsuit and Vault Suit can; which includes Ballistic Fiber and Lining mods. Since your dog can't wear under armors or normal armor, this also allows the Light and Heavy dog armor to use the same mods as the under-armor now can.

Update 1.3
Update 1.2
  • Fixed ESP issue from 1.1
  • All under-armor can now be modified with Ballistic Weave and Vault Suit linings.
  • Dog armor can be modified the same as under-armor.
  • Added compatibility with Armorsmith Extended 1.2 (load under it)
Update 1.1
  • All BoS under-armor uniforms can use Vault Suit mods and Ballistic Fiber. (Requested by Sable0114)