About this mod

Adds an advanced combat type of Vault Security armor and allows changing between zipped, half unzipped, and unzipped freely for vault 111 & 88 jumpsuits.

Permissions and credits
This mod is divided into two parts: Vault Suit Zipping, and Advanced Vault-Tec Security Armor. I have used Armor Keywords and Armorsmith Extended as masters so you will unfortunately by virtue of that also need all DLC.

Vault Zipping
The general concept is that it's inconvenient having to have three different sets of vault suits just to change how it looks. What it will do, in short, is give all Vault 111 & Vault 88 jumpsuits a new "Size" category at the armor workbench - like light/medium/heavy armors. Except instead of light/medium/heavy it will be zipped (default), half unzipped, and unzipped. Changing the size will change the appearance of the vault suit and also affect the stats. For each level of unzippedness you'll get a -1 resist penalty off the base resists the armor offers. It's not really enough to really matter, but I wanted it to seem somewhat realistic. You unzip your vault suit a bit and it's going to offer a little less protection. If you unzip it further then it will offer even less protection (-1 again, for a total of -2). Obviously this isn't much but realistically you still have probably over 90% of your body covered.

(Fixed in 1.5) Warning: Enabling this mod will result in all existing versions of Vault 111 and Vault 88 jumpsuits not having any "size" value (zip) set and as such anyone wearing an old one will appear nude until it is set. That's one reason why I didn't do Vault 81 jumpsuits. For best experience, I suggest using this when starting a new game. Otherwise, at the very least before entering Vault 88. Any newly spawned vault suits will be fine, so if you haven't been to Vault 88 yet then it should be fine without a new game. Unfortunately this is just a limitation of introducing something like this to an existing armor set.

The meshes included are for CBBE (sorry, no male version - changing the zip will have no visual change for male characters) and have their sliders zeroed. BodySlide files are included. With them you can achieve virtually any shape you want, and you shouldn't have clipping. The unzipped vault suit is from 2pac4eva7's skimpy pack and I've reworked it many times over for a tighter fit and no clipping (that I'm aware of). It also includes my abs slider (I only really recommend a value of about 66% even though it goes to 100). The half unzipped version is not the half unzipped vault suit floating around the Nexus for some time now. I didn't really like that version so I made my own from scratch from the CBBE Vanilla bodyslide files instead. I split the verts along the seam, re-adjusted the UV in NifSkope and then slowly shaped it into place with the move tool (What can I say? I'm too stubborn to figure out the new import/export methods with Blender/Max). Either way, both should have less clipping overall because for some reason the others included a full CBBE mesh underneath the clothes. No idea why. Mine doesn't. I cut out all the unnecessary parts for better performance and no possibility of skin clipping through.

On a footnote, I also edited Vault-Tec Lab Coat to have vault suit keywords which should be more convenient when setting up vaults. I also gave it all the lining, ballistic weave, and add-on options.

Advanced Vault-Tec Security Armor
This one adds a new male and female set of Advanced Vault-Tec Security Armor to the Armorsmith Workbench under Vault-Tec Outfits. It includes a helmet and a security captain's hat (think BoS Airship Captain's hat, but Vault-Tec). The helmet and security captain's hat are both moddable to have tracking, targeting, and night vision mods - all at the same time if you want.

The armor itself is essentially light combat armor chest and medium combat armor arms/legs for female and heavy chest, medium arms/legs for male. I've retextured it based on Endormoon's fiberglass combat armor design, though I completely recreated a similar effect from scratch. If you're curious, you use a fishnet pattern overlay (scaled to the right size) for the spec map. For the normal map I put the black fishnet on a white background and threw it into CrazyBump and then back into Photoshop and cropped out the originally white parts (using the previous layer to select) and tossed that over top of the vanilla normal map as an overlay. The normal map was actually the trickiest part. It was tough to figure out quite how they did it. Mine's not exactly the same, but it's pretty darn close. Oh but of course mine feature a yellow Vault-Tec Security decal on the front.

The armor isn't modular. It's a single piece with the arms and legs included. I've also disabled decals and color swaps for the set because it's not intended. The idea I was going for was a more advanced variation of the original security armor, which was one piece.

The meshes included for female are CBBE at zeroed sliders. BodySlide files are included to get whatever shape you want. I've done some pretty extensive clipping testing so there shouldn't be any unless you have an obscenely ridiculous preset that breaks past the 0-100 slider values. I've also included BodySlide files to produce replacers for the vanilla meshes if you so desire, so the Vault-Tec security guys at the intro will be wearing the new armor. You can use those without the esp file if you just want a replacer. I included the replacers for 111 & 81, but not Covenant. The male meshes don't have sliders but I included BodySlide sets for them anyways that you can just easily create as replacers if you want. The helmets don't have sliders so you'll have to copy the textures over manually (no mesh necessary, they use a material swap). They go in "Data\textures\Armor\VaultTecSecurity" and the ones you want there for replacers are "VTSecurityHelmet1_d.DDS" and "VTSecurityHelmet1Prewar_d.DDS".

In terms of stats, the armor has pretty high values because it's based on a full set of fully upgraded combat armor. If it's not enough you can apply ballistic weave for more umpf. Overall though, it'll provide less armor than a fully ballistic weaved set of combat armor since each individual piece of that can have ballistic weave and this only gets the one.

Known Issues
None yet. But there's a lot of files included with this mod. I tested pretty extensively, but if something seems broken there's a chance I could have missed something, so let me know if you find something.