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Large Minute Man Fortress with Vertibird Air Base for air support and civilian settlement at Starlight Drive In. For details on how to import this settlement see the Transfer Settlements mod.

Required Mods: Yes, there are a lot of them
         "My_Minutemen.esp" We Are The Minute Men,
         "dinoshelf.esp" Do It Yourself Clutter For Shelves and Bookcases,
         "SnB - Windows.esp" Snap 'n Build windows,
         "DD_why_am_i_doing_this.esp" Craftable Tall Walls and Spacers,
         "Snap'n Build.esm",
         "Evan_Crafting Goodies.esp",
         "Opulent Paintings.esp",
         "AkaWaterWorld.esp" Build Your Own Pool,
         "Business Settlements.esp",
         "Thematic and Practical.esp",
         "Weapon Rack Extended.esp",
         "OWR_CraftableDecor.esp" Old World Radio,
         "Cratfable Greebles",