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Project X Mods - Unofficial DLC- Main Plugin


Version info: v.60.1.1 "Laser Stability Update"

Welcome to Project X. This DLC intends to fix many little issues with FO4, while adding in a whole new chapter of lore into the Fallout world.
The main questline is linear and anti-cheat protected. So no trying to skip ahead folks, it wont let you.
The DLC adds a full lineup of Elemental Gear Mods for all vanilla weapons and armors. Which also appear on enemies as you get more powerful so to not get overpowered too fast, while also adding a level of difficulty up to Lv.150+.
This DLC also features an immersive crafting Questline to enable crafting of most vanilla items such as weapons, armors, ammo, etc.
(Most items are geared towards Survival Mode so do not be surprised how powerful quest Exotic weapons are on Normal Mode)

A full list of features is listed below:

Main Questline. [Helix Protected with dynamic lootbox spawns]
(Provides a full set of Exotic Weapons and/or Armors with each step completed)

Secondary Crafting Questline. (to unlock vanilla crafting and Project X unique item crafting)

40+ Unique Achievements: Since it disables Achievements (in most cases) we made our own to discover.

Project X Workshop: (Includes Wild Food Resources, Cannabis Resources, Food Dispensers, Underground Vault Construction, a Special Workbench, and much more.

Cannabis Resources: A full lineup of Cannabis plants, planters, a workbench for making Joints, Blunts, Hash, Papers, and other Cannabis related goodies. These provide Happiness in Settlements, and Joints etc provide health regeneration for a short period of time.
(You will need to scavenge for seeds and pollen fron trash, vendors, etc)

New Weapon types: Crossbows, Rivetguns, Plasmids, and Linear Fusion Rifles are all in the game for both you and enemies. (Crossbows, Rivetguns and Plasmids are an adaptation from Bioshock 1)(Linear Fusion Rifles are and adaptation from Destiny 2. And, currently there is only 1 of these implemented)

Elemental Mods: All weapons and Armors now have Elemental Mods available. These mods buff/resist elemental damage depending on the type used per element. Weapons may gain additional buffs per tier such as automatic fire, and or Armor Penetration with higher level tiers. In many cases weapons will also require Elemental Ammo Cells to use, which power 100 shots per cell.
Elemental Modules are needed to create these mods which can be crafted, or found by scrapping weapons, and looted.

Iridescent Grenades: These grenades are a new type of grenade that players can actually mod to have different explosion types, and effects. Mostly elemental, but may also spawn additional charges etc.

Elemental Grenades: A basic set of Elemental powered grenades, some may spawn additional charges.

New Power Armors: X-03, X-99, TX-1, and TX-2 all are based off of the X-01 models, but are very enhanced. These Power Armors all have unique armor mods, and a completely independent frame armor (with its own abilities, battery drain, and speed) for each PA type.

Exosuit Gear: A full lineup of Exosuit Mods, weapons, and armors utilizing No Mans Sky tech to bring absolute terror to the Wasteland. (Easter Egg)

Item Capsules: These are grenades that upon use spawn an object. This can be a Bed, Cooking Stove, Workbenches, Bare PA Frames, even ful sets of Power Armor with the frame included. Very useful in Survival Mode.

New Chems: Super/Ultra Stimpacks and Radaways, Omega-Cell (temporary speed boost), MegNs Wonder Cure, and Project X Cure-All. Most are obvious, but the Wonder Cure and Cure-All provide a cure for even Vault 81 Molerat Disease.

New Hidden Gear: Plenty of Weapons and Armors were conjured up during creation and dropped in random places, so enjoy those.

Rings of Power: These provide various buffs depending on what kind it is, Craft one up and enjoy the buff of your choice.

Elemental Soldier Gear: 7 full sets of Elemental Armor, each with its own buffs. Very Simple. Craftable or found, Comes in Mk.I, Mk.II, and Mk.III variations. (Mk.III is a Ring, that if equipped, becomes a full set of armor on the player)

New Perks: Many Perks were extended to accommodate our new mods and mechanics. Plus it just makes it nicer all around to have more ranks available for stuff.

SPECIAL Points: We provide the original 40 points on startup like FO3/NV to get a boost early on for Project X crafting needs.

Legendary Mod Crafting: Most legendary Mods can be crafted. Again, very simple stuff here.

Ammo Crafting: Ammo has been made craftable through AmmoKits of various types. These can be created through deconstruction of Ammo or looted etc. This is an adaptation of the NV method but is a bit simpler actually. Scrap ammo for kits, use kits for ammo you want, done.

Wild Food Purification: You can purify wild foods to be edible. Nothing complicated.

Coffee: Well... Gotta have yourself a cup of Joe somedays. Lol.

Caps/Money Boxes/Storage Boxes: In the original Survival Mode, Caps, and Bobbypins had weight, I replaced that, and made ways to store your hard earned blood money in a safe place basically. Can be reverse crafted to get the stuff back of course

Rings of Factionship: These are really that simple, pick a ring, you are allied with that group till you remove it. (Some Unique Armors may grant factionship on use as well).

Attachment Mods: these are basically the PA Misc Mods converted to regular armors with a few cut out ones thrown in.

Pipboy Skins: Yes.. I added skins too, Standard Elemental Soldier ones pretty easy to spot.

Fatman Mines, and Grenades: Made from Mini-Nuke parts, the Fatman grenade is simple, and a lot of fun. There is a way to craft parts, and even create a Gorski Fatman grenade. Fatman mines, mine.. big boom. Very easy to use.

Fast-Travel Hatches: Just some Hatches. In 5 places (Sanctuary Hills, Dunwich Borers, Diamond City,  Atom Cats, and Sentinel Site) to aid in not walking so far to get home. Requires a key found in Vault 111.

Fast Travel: It is enabled in Survival Mode. That's it.

QASmoke Access: In Vault 111 there is a way to access Bethedas QA Testing Cell filled with goodies they use for testing. All Project X DLC items are placed in there as well, but do not grab quest notes, holotapes etc because Helix Security will flag you as a cheater, removing the item from your inventory and not setting any quest stages as a result.

A ReadMe Holotape/Companion Guide: Probably the best thing to look at before asking me any questions lol. Its all there really.

Movement Alterations: Most Movement types are altered to feel more realistic. Nothing like animals that don't move according to body mass and such.

There may be other minor features like fixed placed items in the world but really... its not worth mentioning it notably.

[Mods Usage Warning]
With this DLC, many mods will break it. UFO4P, Beantown Interiors, Horizon, and probably many many others.
Use with other mods at your own risk, to both your game, and this DLC.

This is a 2 year+ passion project driven by pure experimentation and wonderful ideas from the Project X community.

Discord Public Chat: https://discord.gg/vhz7EPq

Donation link (Nexus button fails): paypal.me/MegN88

Project X [GAMING] (Stream) : https://beam.pro/LiquidSmokeX64

All files verified Bug, and Error free via xEdit by our numerous testers almost daily.
So don't be too worried about anything but conflicts with the other smaller mods that potentially affect the same parts of the game we do.

[Project X created by LiquidSmokeX64 (Noubius Enderman), edited by MegN.]

Special Thanks/Credits: Kinggath, Arthmoor, Cirosan, @Atom, @DrakeThade1986, BeezerP, ArchangelWulf, DarthWayne, DarkRonin84, Gambit77, Guerlot, VenomousHail, JasonTodd, Aries_Soulfire and way too many others.