Fallout 4

About this mod

Complete Gameplay Overhaul

Permissions and credits

Project X Mods - Unofficial DLC- Main Plugin

Version info: v.69.0.0 "The Scaling Update" 

 A full list of features is listed in the included holotape (that can be crafted).

Includes Custom Fallout 76 Style Multi-Tier Legendary Mod System
Legendary Scrip is found in random locations or can be bought from Vendors.
Scrip is used for crafting Legendary Modules.
Legendary Modules can craft Legendary Mods on items.
New Feature: Legendary Power Armor

New Elemental Mods for all weapons and armor.
New fully scaled Weapons and Armors (Mk.II - Mk.IV)

Features a multi-faceted lore Quest tree, and Crafting unlock Quest.
Appalachia Radio Station
Unique Items for Survival Mode.
Attachment crafting for most Clothes and Armor.
Scrap 99% of all Items including Clothes.
Many new Armors, and Outfits with unique abilities.
Special Achievements (via Quest)
Crossbows, RivetGuns, and Plasmids. (BioShock Tribute)
Moddable new Iridescent Grenade, and many other unique explosive toys.
Vault Crafting in many Settlements. (thanks to DarthWayne)
Food and Water Purification.
Wild Food can be used and planted in Settlements.
Many really useful Workshop Items (unlocked via Quest)
Cannabis Crafting (for chems, "happiness", and paper crafting)

Unlock Crafting of: (via Quest/s)
Ammo, Armor, Power Armor, Weapons, Workshop Items, Portable Crafting Stations, Special Backpacks (Bags), and a ton of unique items.

Lockpick skill now requires a Screwdriver. Mostly cause it bothers me cause the animation/lockpick has one shown.
Caps, and Bobby pins have weight. Box it up at home, or get storage bags.

Lore Quest begins in Vault 111. And was intended for a "New Game", but can be gotten otherwise of course.

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Special Thanks/Credits: Bethesda & Zenimax, @Jaelithe, @thunderbird, Kinggath, Arthmoor, Cirosan, @sdkfz2512 @Atom, @DrakeThade1986, BeezerP, ArchangelWulf, DarthWayne, DarkRonin84, Gambit77, Guerlot, VenomousHail, JasonTodd, Aries_Soulfire, massive credit to FOMiami Team (for Orange art) and way too many other supporters.