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This mod is aimed at adding Female Gen2 Synths to the Commonwealth

Permissions and credits
Short Description:
Have you ever wondered why the Institute didn't make any females until the Gen3 project was implemented? The obvious conclusion with the Gen1 synths was that they were simply making automatons to do their bidding.  But why... Why didn't they, along with advancements in combat AI and obvious anthropomorphic advancements, create ANY Gen2 Females???

Well!  Here ya go... Fully destructible female Gen2's with custom voices

Lore Description:
After the Institute created their Alpha Gen3 synths (Presently known as Nick Valentine and DiMa), ultimately failing in creating a free thinking  but still subservient automaton, they took a slight step back in their progression into anthropomorphic AI and focused mainly on the advancements of RobCo in Dog/Cyborg Technological advancements.  Not wanting a degradation in the biological implements, as seen in surviving cyberdogs in the late 23rd century, but still wanting the empathy but fatally aggressive loyalty of man's best robotic friend; the Institute started the Beta Gen3 trials.

Still not completely anthropomorphic, the female Gen2's (designated Gen2.9b) contain a modified internal skeleton as well as a curvier exoskeleton and "skin;" the female Gen2 variant comes equiped with enhanced combat AI and a slightly more expressive vocal modulator (borrowed from neural subjects from the commonwealth).  Lower level Female Gen2's have Raider characteristics whereas higher level variants can implement the strategical superiority of Gunners and BOS subjects.

   AI tiers
     Striders -  Raider
     Patrollers - Raider Veteran
     Seekers and Troopers - Gunner
     Assaulters - GunnerBoss
     Stormers - BOS Scribe
     Eradicators - BOS Soldier

To do list:
Create Female Gen2 meshes DONE (At least for CBBE and Vanilla)
Modify Gen2 race/NPC Templates to include Female MeshSet DONE
Modify Gen2 Male voice set to sound more feminine and expressive MOSTLY DONE (See last to do list entry)
Modify and/or create NPCs Records to include Female Gen2's DONE
Modify female AI data to be more varied (right now just vanilla synth AI) DONE
Place Female institute synths in the Institute Cell(s) DONE
"Convert" female raider, gunner and BOS voices to female synth variants DONE (coming in next update)
Make female courser voices.  Mostly done (Still looking for voice actors... If interested in casting please PM me)

Installation and Setup:
1) Install a main file, "Real Gen2 Females"... or the FOMOD installer and apply the options that apply to you
2) Build all meshes in "FemaleGen2" group to your in-game body preset (for vanilla users the pre-built meshes are already done for you, no need to build)
3) If you have an existing Synth Texture set, make sure you have textures for each mesh. Otherwise use the ones I have provided.

This can be easily done by Copy/Pasting all SynthGen2 textures in textures/actors/Synths directory and renaming the copies to the original with an 'F' at the end (SynthGen2MechF, SynthGen2EyesF, SynthGen2HandsF, etc.)

I've also edited the material files as optional downloads (one for skin, one for eyes) to point to the vanilla naming scheme. 
The mech meshes do not have material files assigned to them so don't delete those textures.  Otherwise, if you decide
to use the optional materials you can safely delete the corresponding textures in the SynthGen2*F naming scheme (not
necessary if you choose Vanilla Based Materials during install through the FOMOD).

4) Run Loot, build bashed patches/merged patch, etc.
5) have fun!


6) Install patches and overwrite where applicable (current patches do not modify any other ESP/ESM/ESL). Also in the FOMOD FYI.

Required Files:

BodySlide and Outfit Studio (If you do not use the Vanilla body type, you will need this tool to build to your ingame preset)
Synth Tattoo Distribution

Compatible with anything that doesn't edit the Synth races (SynthGen1Race, SynthGen2Race and SynthGen2ValentineRace) or Synth LeveledNPC Lists
Compatible with NPC level Scaling by Genamine (With Patch.  Females will not level with the player without this patch)
Compatible with Nick Valentine's Day by SephDragoon (With Patch)
Compatible with Synth Overhaul C.A.S.T. by MaaroTakai (no armor/weapons entries are edited so no need to patch anymore. simply added female mesh to AAClothesSynthUniformforSynths ArmorAddon entry which is not in C.A.S.T., make sure that my mod is loaded after C.A.S.T. that way females synths will all have female clothing/armor meshes)
"Compatible" with LooksMenu BodyGen Presets.  ATM Only Coursers are affected, looking into how to morph synths.

Load Order Considerations
This mod makes changes to the AAClothesSynthUniformforSynths ArmorAddon entry to include female meshes. Changes were also made to SynthGen2Race, SynthGen1Race, and SynthGen2RaceValentine. Load this after any mod that also has any of these entries included.

kingtobbe for pointing out the missing CPA/CPT nodes and bone weighting issues
LazyGirl for their help/tutorial Female Gen2 Synth - Quick and Dirty Proof of Concept 0.1
nekollx for his female synth mod and giving me inspiration for a fully destructible female gen2
Bethesda for not including female Gen2 synth meshes and allowing me a great learning experience
Microsoft for giving me a relatively easy task at generating voice files for the Coursers.  Don't worry, Bill, I ain't make a cent off this.

I just released a version on XB1

If you would like to included some of my assets in your mod you have my full permission granted that you give me credit in your description.