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Tired of seeing your Power Armor slumped over all the time. Well here's your answer.........

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Ty's Static Power Armor Stands    

This is my first mod. I was tired of seeing slumped over Power Armor and when I wanted a set to add to decor. After seeing Ben Ephla's , retextures and found out about him, I was motivated. So I did research and a lot of tutorial watching. Well I found some by Elianora and after a look under the hood of her
Crafting Fury 9000 GTX . I had an idea of what all was in a mod after a lot of trail and error. Here we are today......

This mod adds static Power Armor to your workshop menu. Just go to your workshop open Decorations>Display>Power Armor. That is all it takes to decorate your home or settlement with Power Armor. Vanilla and DLC's Power Armor paints jobs at this time, I plan on doing more. I did custom meshes for these so that their helmets on each Power Armor set (T-45, T-60, ie...) meshes were not all facing straight. I made this mod light, instead of textures, I used Materiel Swaps. So all you get is 3 meshes. This should have NO Performance issues what so ever.

Use your Mod manager to install or just un-zip the file to your Fallout Data folder.

If there any bugs - Please report them via the bug reporter.

Big Thanks to Elianora and Ephla442 for inspiring me to get my hands dirty!!! Thanks to Ben for the graphics and helping polish it up.

I hope you like my first mod, and look forward to hearing back from you!