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This mod adds an interior cell player home to the storeroom behind the screen at the Starlight Drive-In. The vanilla door to the room has been replaced by a load door that connects to the player home interior cell which features lots of functionality for such a small space.

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PLEASE NOTE: This mod adds an pre-decorated interior cell player home to the Starlight Drive-in Settlement:
- There is NO workshop mode in the interior cell!
- You can not assign settlers to the interior cell!
- You can not dismiss companions to the interior cell!


v1.11 makes MAJOR changes to containers and scripting. Therefore, it is REQUIRED that v1.11 be installed with a clean game save. If you DO NOT install v1.11 into a clean save, some scripted items will no longer function, and you will PERMANENTLY loose items stored in certain containers. Requiring a clean save means you will need to remove ALL ITEMS that you have stored inside the Storeroom prior to upgrading. This also means you will have to unlock the exterior door again (by activating it TWICE), even if you already have control of the Starlight Drive-In settlement. If this is not something you want to deal with, DO NOT install the 1.11 update. You have been warned.

REMOVE ALL STORED ITEMS FROM THE Storeroom stored in any container. EVERYTHING that you brought into the Storeroom needs to be removed. The cell will reset to its default state after upgrading with a clean save, so your items will no longer exist in the game. Again, you have been warned. 

Please refer to the instructions in the ARTICLES section of the mod page for details on how to perform a clean save and install for v1.11. 

- Wasteland Workshop and Vault-Tec Workshop DLCs are no longer required. All other DLC are still required. 
- Updates to sorting container script and form lists to make better use of vanilla keywords for more efficient sorting
- Addition of Survival mode chems to sorting form lists
- Addition of component shipments to trash compactor form list
- Adjustment to bed sleep marker so it is now properly aligned with the bed mesh
- Added custom collectible magazine that add a random component shipment to your inventory. This is the same Starlight Storeroom magazine that appears in my Slog Diner mod. It will be removed from that mod when it gets updated. 
- Added custom loading screen
- You can now Fast Travel directly to the Storeroom interior after entering for the first time. When entering the Storeroom you will receive a notification and your Pip-Boy map will be updated with a map marker. 
- Tweaks to interior lighting and addition of lightboxes for each room for better light dispersal
- Added two working counter lights to kitchen
- Changes to some decorations and clutter

Mod Description:

The Better Homes and Bunkers series kicks off with:VOLUME 1: The Starlight Storeroom Player Home

This mod adds an interior cell player home to the large storeroom behind the screen at the Starlight Drive-In. The vanilla door to the room has been replaced by a load door that connects to the player home interior cell.

The mod features:
- Custom design workbenches: Cooking station, chem station, armor workbench, weapons workbench
- All workbenches are linked to settlement workshop
- Several Contraptions DLC weapon display racks
- Inventory sorting system
- The Nuka Fridge: Insert any Nuka Cola, Vim or Gwinnett beer variant and it will be come Ice Cold with the associated buff in six hours
- Interactive storage units: Ammo shelf, weapons storage, chem shelf, and food shelf display clutter when items of each category are added. Clutter will deactivate when container is emptied
- Custom sci-fi movie poster artwork in the tradition of classic 50’s movies based on vintage pulp magazine covers
- Functioning UFO display model with animated lights (ALL DLC version only)
- Trash Compactor unit that breaks all scrappable junk items into their base components and transfers them to the settlement workshop
- Functioning light switches in every room
- LOTS of storage! All containers are flagged to not respawn
- You can fast travel from the interior cell
- Bed is personalized with player’s name and gives the Well Rested Bonus
- Fully navmeshed for companions

Most items are static, but there are a several lootable items and containers.

Mod release video:

This mod requires the following Fallout 4 DLC:
Automatron (DLCRobot.esm)
Far Harbor (DLCCoast.esm)
Nuka World (DLCNukaWorld.esm)
Contraptions Workshop (DLCWorkshop02.esm)

Previous versions required the Wasteland Workshop and Vault-Tec Workshop DLC. As of v1.1 those requirements have been removed.

Previously available LESS DLC version: A version requiring only Far Harbor and Nuka World was made available in v1.0. With the DLC requirement changes to v1.1 this version has been retired and is no longer available for download.

There will not be a non-DLC version, so please don’t ask.

About the Better Homes and Bunkers Player Home Mod Series:

The Starlight Storeroom Player Home is the first in a series of player home mods that will add interior cell player homes to Fallout 4 settlement locations.

The Better Homes and Bunkers Player Home mod series aims to fill a void in the Fallout 4 settlement system by offering old school, pre-decorated, move-in ready player homes to existing settlement locations. All of the homes in this series will be inspired by the player homes of previous Fallout games.

If you’re not into settlement building and just want a place to sleep and store your stuff, the Better Homes and Bunkers Player Homes might be just what you’ve been looking for. And if you already have a settlement and just want a place to get away from whining settlers and rad storms, then these homes might be perfect for you as well.

Each mod in the series will add an interior cell player home to a selected settlement. Some homes will have only the bare essentials, while others will be on par with post-apocalyptic five-star hotels. Most will fall somwhere in between. All will feature functional interactive features, and each will be crafted with a unique theme and decor relevant to the settlement that it is part of.

If you still want to build a settlement, or want to use one of the player homes with your existing settlement, not to worry.

The player homes of this series are all interior cells and the load doors and access points will be designed to not interfere with settlement building.

Load doors to interior cells will be placed in innocuous locations of existing settlement structures, or in some cases, totally outside the settlement build zone but still adjacent to it.

In all cases, there will be NO workshop mode inside the player home. But, all interior workbenches will be linked to the settlement workshop to share resources for crafting.

To gain access to one of these player homes, you must first gain control of the settlement in which it is located. Until you do so, the door to the interior cell will remain locked and inaccessible.


Once you have control of the settlement, you MUST ACTIVATE THE LOAD DOOR TWICE to unlock it. The first time triggers the door lock script and it runs an ownership check on the workshop. You will see a notification stating the door can't be opened. Ignore it and activate the door again. If you own the settlement, the script removes the lock. Activating the door the second time opens the door and loads you into the interior cell to enjoy your new digs. 

Please look over the READ ME file. I have gone to great lengths to add as much information as possible there to not clutter up the description page. 

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you read it. The answers to questions you might have are most likely there. But I'm also including the Readers Digest version in the form of an FAQ below. 


Q. Can I use the workshop inside the player home?
A. No. There is no workshop mode inside the player home. You also can’t assign settlers or dismiss companions to the interior cell. That is not the purpose of this mod.

Just so we’re clear, say it with me again: There is NO workshop mode inside the player home.
One more time: There is NO workshop mode inside the player home.
Third time’s the charm! There is NO workshop mode inside the player home!

Q. I can’t open the door!
A. Not really a question, but OK. Do you control the settlement? Access to the player home is determined by if you can use the settlement workshop or not. You need to control the settlement (have access to the settlement workshop) for the door to the player home to unlock.

Q. I control the settlement but still can’t open the door!
A. Again, not a question, but OK. Did you activate the door TWICE as outlined above? You need to activate the door TWO TIMES...TWICE...for the door to unlock after you gain control of the settlement.

Q. Can I use this mod with Raider settlements with the Nuka World DLC?
A. Not sure. I have yet to have any Raider settlements in my game and haven’t tested the mod as such, nor do I really plan to. I see no reason why it won’t work though. The script that controls access to the load door does a simple ownership check on the workshop. If the player is the owner, the door will unlock. I have no idea if it works differently for Raider settlements, but I have no reason to suspect it won’t. Want to give it a shot? You can be my beta tester and let me know how it goes.

Q. Can I use this mod is I already have a settlement built?
A. Absolutely! Please read the section of the Read Me titled “Using this mod in an existing Starlight Drive-In settlement build” for what you need to know.

Q. Can I use this mod with other settlement mods?
A. Most likely, but as always, be prepared for potential conflicts. Please read the “Starlight Drive-In and Settlement Mod Conflicts” section of the Read Me for more details.

Q. What about all the great loot that was originally in the storeroom? Do I miss out on that?
A. No. I’m not THAT cruel. Because it was be inaccessible with the new load door, I’ve placed a bunch of comparable loot (maybe too much) in the new interior cell. Just like the vanilla storeroom, there is a locked floor safe full of goodies, as well as other lootable containers. I’ve also disabled the original loot to prevent Dogmeat from detecting and trying to “find” it. So, don’t bother trying to TCL into the room to get it...’cuz it ain’t there!

Q. Can I still build onto the exterior of the storeoom?
A. Yes, you can! The only change to the exterior is the new load door. Nothing else has been touched, leaving you free to build to your heart’s content.

Q. Why are you making these mods that I can’t change anything in? What’s wrong with building a house with the workshop?
A. Preference, my friend. Some players (myself included) are either bored with settlement building or never had an interest in the first place. I see this as bridging the gap between having all these great locations the game provides, and not wanting to spend the time to build up the place. Or at the very least, having a place you can use to get out of a rad storm. Plus, some of us just prefer the old school player homes of previous Fallout games.


Use the mod managerof your choice,
Or to install manually:Extract the archive. It contains three files:
RRTV_HomesAndBunkers_Starlight – Main.BA2
RRTV_HomesAndBunkers_Starlight – Textures.BA2

Place all three files into your Data folder.


bLaCkShAd0w for the footlocker texture modder’s resource used for the custom footlockers:

Chucksteel for the Know your ABCs modder’s resource used for some of the signage:

The scrapping script used by the Trash Compactor is based on code posted by isathar on the Bethesda CK forum.

fadingsignal, for creating the Basement Living mod which gave me the idea for the Better Homes and Bunkers series. I love that mod, and thought it would be cool to have additional options for interior cell player homes at settlements.

Other Notes:

1. This mod is PC only. There will not be a console version, so please do not ask.2. There is no settlement workshop and I will never add one so please don’t ask.

3. There will not be a non-DLC version, so you guessed it, please don’t ask.

4. Based on any texture replacements you have installed in your game, the appearance of items in the mod may vary from what is shown in the screenshots and promo video. I use many texture replacements in my game and videos, and none of them are included in this mod.

I use the Decent Plus ENB preset for my screenshots, videos and gameplay:

5. I make mods for myself first and foremost. They are created for my game with my gameplay style in mind, according to my tastes and standards. I do not take requests nor suggestions for changes. If one of my mods doesn’t run on your computer, or it doesn’t fit in with your personal preference, or it doesn’t have a feature that you would want, I would respectfully suggest (and encourage) that you learn to use the modding tools that are freely available to change the mod yourself to your liking.


Do not redistribute or alter this work without explicit permission from the original author (RedRocketTV).This mod will not be uploaded to Bethesda.net or any other site. If you find it anywhere but on the Fallout 4 Nexus, it has been stolen. Please report it as such.

Commercial use strictly prohibited.