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Everyones favorite Merc with a Mouth!

Finally! play as the most handsome and effective mercenary of all time.

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A simple Deadpool reskin of the Brotherhood of Steel Uniform. I am currently working on a completely new model
but I have to wait for the actual tools to come out. So I just did a reskin plus some normal/spec work.

The armour is the BOS Officers uniform (type "player.additem 134294" in the console to get it. Ot ou know, steal it from your cold dead enemies corpse) the mask is the normal Sack hood.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Have fun shooting up the Commonwealth


1.01 Changelog______________________________________________________________________________________________________

- Adjusted the brightness of the red section and distinguished it further from the black part by adding custom normal and spec map.
- added the Deadpool Beltbuckle
- added Deadpool Gloves with logo
- added optional Dead-boy (pipboy skin) 

1.02 Changelog______________________________________________________________________________________________________

- adjusted the alpha for the sack hood to improve the clipping situation
- small changes to the dead-boy texture
- added optional brighter more authentic red

1.03 Changelog______________________________________________________________________________________________________

- Added combat armor skin for that little bit of extra protection.
- changed the layout of the suit pattern to match the original even more.
- made the bright version as main file because its the color he has in the comic. If there is enough request I can make the new layout in the darker red too.

1.04 Changelog______________________________________________________________________________________________________

- completely remade the Masks defuse, normal, and specular map.
- fixed the Combat armor. The highest Tier (polymer) is now Black, which fits perfectly with the Decal. The other ones stay as they are which makes NPCs   still look normal.
- Changed the BOS Uniform to the BOS Officer Uniform (player.additem 2223E3 for console command) So there are not so much deadpools everywhere.         Elder Maxon is half Deadpool now though.