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This now includes 34 settlements including Far Harbor and Nuka World

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Here Ya Go! 34 MiniPad Settlements To Speed Up Your Play Through!!

This series is intended for those that would rather run around killing critters, bad guys and what the heck, throw in a few good guys, than spending all their time building settlements.

These settlements are by no means meant to be "pretty".
I built each settlement with these criteria in mind..
Minimal "after import" setup.
Low item count for faster import.
Meet or exceed minimum settlement requirements.
Defenses cover all enemy spawn points and "have had them there" spots.
Functional for both NPC and player.
And the most important thing.. No Scrapping Required.... well almost..
Actually.. the ONLY scrapping that is required, is 3 pieces in Sanctuary, 6 if you want to be tidy, and 2 turrets in Covenant. That it! The other 32 require absolutely 0 scrapping.

So in less than 4 minutes you can have a fully functional settlement and be off to grab another one. REALLY nice to advance the story line quickly.

Each settlement will have a minimum of:

  • 100 Power
  • 60 Water
  • 22+ beds
  • 400+ defense
  • 50+ Food
  • All crafting stations, Armor, Chemistry, Cooking, Weapon
  • 3 Level 3 Stores, Trader, Restaurant, Surgery
  • Brahman feed trough (I always forget that!)

Pack 1:
  • Slot 1: Sanctuary
  • Slot 2: Red Rocket
  • Slot 3: Abernathy Farm
  • Slot 4: Starlight Drive in
  • Slot 5: Tenpines Bluff
  • Slot 6: Outpost Zimoja
  • Slot 7: Taffington Boathouse
  • Slot 8: Greentop Nursery
  • Slot 9: The Slog
  • Slot 10: Coastal Cottage
Pack 2:
  • Slot 1: County Crossing
  • Slot 2: Finch Farm
  • Slot 3: Kingsport Lighthouse
  • Slot 4: Oberland Station
  • Slot 5: Graygarden
  • Slot 6: Sunshine Tidings
  • Slot 7: Hangsman Alley
  • Slot 8: Nordhagen Beach
  • Slot 9: Croup Manor
  • Slot 10: Spectacle Island
Pack 3:
  • Slot 1: Warwick Homestead
  • Slot 2: The Castle
  • Slot 3: Bunker Hill
  • Slot 4: Egret Tours Marina
  • Slot 5: Murkwater Construction
  • Slot 6: Somerville Place
  • Slot 7: Jamaica Plane
  • Slot 8: Boston Airport <<-------Has Food and Water--------<<
  • Slot 9: Covenant
Pack 4:
  • Slot 1: National Park Visitors Center
  • Slot 2: Echo Lake Lumber
  • Slot 3: Dalton Farm
  • Slot 4: Longfellows Cabin
  • Slot 5: Nuka World Red Rocket

I've also included a screen shot in each folder.
That way, later down the road you can check the screen shot and see what the settlement will look like. (Really handy for us old farts who can't remember..ah....)

I made a quick video showing how to manually backup, install and built Sanctuary and Red Rocket.. in 10 minutes.
Oh, I suck at making videos.... so try not to laugh too much...;)

Wasteland Workshop, Contraptions Workshop, (Nuka World and Far Harbor required for Pack 4) DLC
Transfer Settlements
Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
Clean Beds
Clean Shacks
Power everywhere - Long range pylon
Advanced Settlement Turret Set

Optional... but REALLY recommended..
Clean Wasteland Workshop
BS Defence Guaranteed WIN against settlement attacks using MiniPad blueprints
Happy Maker 9000 these are in every settlement. With scaling now working, most are on the Bar. ;)
Clean Warehouses
Clean Barns
Immersive Vendors

I did not build The Mechanistic Lair or Vault 88. Way to much scrapping in one and I couldn't get the NPC's to navigate correctly in Vault 88, again, needed to scrap more stuff than I was allowed to. lol

If you enjoy these blueprints please hit that Endorse button. Means a lot to an old fart. ;)

My Other blueprints:
County Crossing Glass House
Abernathy Farm
Raider Rocket
Nordhagen With a Plane
Spectacle Island