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Raiders wear a greater variety of clothing, are a little tougher, and drop fewer stimpaks. All with base game equipment.

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Raiders wear a greater variety of clothing, are a little tougher, and drop fewer stimpaks. All with base game equipment.


I added a few SPECIAL points to ClassRaider. In particular 4 points of Endurance, since otherwise raiders don't get any. I also added 15 points of bonus damage resist to ClassRaider. This makes raiders a little more durable without changing their equipment stats.

I edited the leveled lists that determine a raider's underarmor and headgear. Adding some appropriate outfits. They still primarily spawn with vanilla items, but you might see a raider with civilian clothes. Some clothing will not appear until you meet higher level raiders. There should also be fewer raiders with full armor in early game, but more in late game.

I edited the leveled list that determines what items spawn on death. Unchanged you might get brass knuckles or a stimpack. Now you might get 0-5 items. Some low quality food, junk or jet. Mostly junk. This will greatly reduce the number of stimpaks you collect in a game considering how many raiders you typically encounter. However some raiders spawn with stimpaks to use in combat, so you might still find them if you are stealthy or quick to kill them.

1.4 Adds a rare "raider chemist" with special gear. They are part of the legendary raider pool (but I don't believe they drop legendary equip) and should show up after level 25. Hard to play test, but should add an appropriate risk/reward factor as well as adding more flavor to raiders.
I've also updated the mod to AWKCR 6.0+ keywords.


I added an optional file that is just the LLD_raider leveled list that determines what spawns on raiders when they die. If you just want that, there you go. I also made a duplicate of the main file, only with the change that on spawn, raiders will have different body shapes (exactly like the bodyslide triangle in player gen at the start of the game). Even if it doesn't cause compatibility issues, the results can be a bit off so I'm just putting it out there if people want chunky raiders.


I imagine raiders as being desperate and disorganized, yet at the same time hardened by circumstance. Some are settlers or scavengers still wearing whatever they could scrap together, rather than all wearing the same four outfits. They don't have good equipment or medical supplies. Barely scraping by and desperate enough to do anything to get through the next day. Game play wise I just got sick of finding a stimpack on every other dead raider.


Raider Overhaul changes everything that this does, so they are not compatible. At best you can load my LLD_raider file after and it shouldn't cause problems. I didn't touch weapon or armor lists (other than underarmor and headgear) so mods that give raiders weapons should be fine. Mods that add new raider faces should also be fine. I'm using Varied Raiders and not having issues.
Version 1.3 and beyond changes stats on two base game gasmasks so that they can be worn with hats/helmets. I will add a compatibility version for AWKCR.