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Fully renovated Home Plate, with clean a clean concrete floor and wooden walls from Overseer's office, as well as list of amenities that no longer makes Home Plate look like a hobbo's crib. Complete with all the crafting station, as well as a teleporter.

Home Plate.  Some hate it, some love it.  Personally I enjoy the idea of a player home, especially one that is close to all the traders and quest giver in a major city that is in the center of the map.  However, it looks crappy and needs meticulous overhaul, and this is my effort.  This version of Home Plate has a weapon, armor, chem, cooking, and AWKCR stations.

1.  The red tube with a flash sign is a teleporter similar to that of the Institute, but works only with settlements destination.  This is from the mod Immersive Fast Travel, and is not lore breaking when playing on survival.  I am not sure if the mod author update it with Far Harbor and Nuka World settlements, but at least it works with all the commonwealth settlements.

2.  You can Drink from the kitchen sink, which can heal you

3.  The shower can SLOWLY wash away rad.  It is not instantaneous, the longer you wash, the more rad it scrubs.

NOTE 1:  
I used quite a number of mods.  If you want JUST THE STRUCTURES, see the "Required Mods" section below.  If you want all the furniture, decor, structures, and clutters, go ahead and include the "Optional Mods"

NOTE 2:  
So now, bad news...  I won't be taking change requests, not because I don't want to, but because I am not a modder and likely won't be able to do anything even if I want to.  I am only able to share this because of Cdante's epic Transfer Settlement Blueprint mod (which you need to download in order for this to work.  Settlement import instruction can be found on Transfer Settlement Blueprint mod page), and everything you see in the pictures are part of existing work by hardworking modders found on the Nexus.  This also means that I have no idea how to port it to console.  The good news is, nothing is customized and you can have everything in the pictures through already available mods

I can, however, try to answer questions regarding which mod is associated with an item you see in the picture.  I won't remember all of them, since I have over 200 mods installed, but I will do my best.

With that said, below are lists of required and optional mods

  1. Homemaker - Expanded Settlements
  2. Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
  3. Settlement Supplies Extended (SSEX)
  4. Vertical Power Conduits
  5. Rebuilt Homeplate (This is how I got the wall and floors in)
  6. Modular Kitchen
  7. !!!Transfer Settlement Blueprint
  8. !!!HUDFramework

  1. West Tek Tactical Optics:  (The blueprint above the workstation.  Don't really need it and can be replaced with what you see fit)
  2. Auto Doors
  3. Creative Clutters
  4. Femsheppings Minimalist Homewares
  5. Functional Displays
  6. dino's decoration
  7. Eli_Crafting Shiz9000
  8. Fallout Themed Custom Paintings
  9. Living Interior
  10. CWSS Redux  (all Bathroom stuff.  Allow showers and toilets to be interactive, like washing away rad damages)
  11. Lovers Luxury bed - The Lady Killer (That epic looking bed.  You can always replace it with vanilla bed, but it just looks soooo nice)
  12. Do it Yourself
  13. Buildable Burning Camp Fire (the flickering fireplace)
  14. Looks Mirror (mirror that allows you to change your face, similar to character creation)
  15. Signs of the Times - Posters
  16. Immersive Fast Travel

I made a mistake where the file path was not included during archive, hence when unpacked by NMM, it wouldn't go into the right folder.  I uploaded the correct file, let me know if there is any more problem.  The slot file is "10".  Thanks