Just a new Preston-Minutemen Outfit by friffy
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Just a new Preston-Minutemen Outfit

There are people out there who like this guy - me for example. That's why I made something more stylish for him. For his handsome face I use Keke-bu Preston. Now he's the sexiest Minuteman alive.

Is this outfit lorefriendly? Honestly I don't care. I like it that way and somtimes style comes before lore.

The replacer version does exactly what it says, it replaces the vanilla Preston outfit with outfit 1 (see screenshots). It also replaces the standard preston-hat with the Stetson because I think it fits him greatly. If you don't like the hat, just delete the PrestonGarveyHat.nif in meshes/armor/Preston_Garvey and his old hat is back. If you want him in one of the other outfits, just use BodySlide and voil√°, shirtless, topless, whatever you prefer.

If you more the "I like the outfits but I want them for myself"-type, there is also a Standalone version. All outfits craftable at the chem station plus both hats. The gloves are part of the outfit for all three options.
And of course you can use both mods together.

This is male-only.
I did my best to minimize clipping but since I do not play a male char I could test it on Preston and NPCs. If you put armor pieces on top of the outfit clipping IS possible.

A tip for the people who think of poor Preston as annoying:
We are the Minutemen by TheFirstEnd. Makes both Preston and the Minutemen so much more enjoyable.

Another tip:
If you want the outfit not just only for Preston but for all Minutemen, drop the PrestonGarveyOutfit.nif (or MMOutfit{number of the outfit}_M.nif for the standalone. ) into meshes/armor/MinutemanUnderArmor folder and rename it to MUnderArmor.nif. You're the General and all your Minutemen guys have to wear what YOU like.

I'm normally no huge vid fan but I like this Showcase made by darkwolfgaming. It's funny! You should give it a try.

Credits and Thanks to:
nsk13 for the Commonwealth Shorts Vanilla-CBBE-JB -  the top
GrinnginUrchen for the Toxic Raider Armour - the gloves
Ousnius for the BodySlide and Outfit Studio - my sewing machine
The Fo4Edit team
The NifSkope team

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