About this mod

This is a settlement blueprint and as such, requires the Transfer settlement mod. 

Pre build Suggestions:
There are no conflicts with non-scrapable items that I am aware of. 

Several paintings from the Art connoisseur mod do not transfer, as well as some of the concrete landscaping, the concrete bridge from hamed bridge mod and the grass from northland diggers mod, and finally the water from SOE pool. Other than that, everything (except wires) seems to transfer fine. 

This build has over 5000 pieces so, it will take time to load. 

Unpack the file and install in the following directory.
Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\TransferSettlements\Blueprints\*create a new folder and name it simply a number 1-10 \Name.json

With the Minutemen being the undisputed head of the Commonwealth, a site for conducting negotiations with "foreign" dignitaries was needed. The Castle is too sensitive a site to host a bunch of delegates without having to monitor them all the time. The General commissioned the building of a site that could not only offer security, but also luxuries that could help turn the negotiations in favor of the Minutemen. Even Elder Maxon let it slip that, he must remind himself of his duty to the Brotherhood during his trips to Mansion del General; lest the luxury of the location seduce him into letting his guard down. 

Required Mods:
Advanced Settlement Turret Set
Armor Tables
Art Connoisseur System ... a ''Frame'' work
Atom Bomb Pinups Paintings
Auto Doors
AWARHERO's Decor Pack
Better Stores
Build Your Own Pool
Buildable Burning Campfires and Fireplaces V3.0
Busy Settlers
Civil Defense posters
Concrete Walls with Window Glass
CREAtive Clutter
DDP AIO Standalone
Decal Stain Remover - REDUX
Do It Yourshelf - clutter for shelves and bookcases
Fallout Themed Custom Paintings
Functional Displays - Display Your Collection (The Original Display DLC)
Gruffydd's Signs and Posters
Gruffydd's Signs of the Times
Just some Rugs
Modular Housing (Carpentry)
Modular Kitchen
Museum Paintings
OCDecorator - Static Loot
Settlement Keywords Expanded
Settlement Supplies Expanded
Smokeable Cigars - Cigarettes - Joints - With HardCore Auto Save
Snap'n Build
SnapBeds - Usable Bunk Beds - Mix and Match Beds
Snappy HouseKit
Sport Fields
SSEX Settlement Keywords Patch
Stackable Concrete Foundations
Videos of the Wasteland
Wall Oil Lamps
Warehouse Shelves for components and ammo
We Are The Minutemen
Weapon Displays
Wall Oil Lamps
Warehouse Shelves for components and ammo
Weapon Displays
12 Potted Trees
1x1 Craftable Foundation Pieces