Clean and Optimized Wood Texture Replacer for Shacks and Greenhouses by CaporegimeMarcus
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Added: 14/03/2017 - 04:58AM
Updated: 19/09/2017 - 01:11AM

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Last updated at 1:11, 19 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 4:58, 14 Mar 2017

Thank you everyone for the support and helping this mod make it to the Hot Files! \(^_^)/

Replaces the ugly wood textures in the base game with lore-friendly, optimized textures that make the structures look better and the floors less repetitive.

The default textures are 1K so this shouldn't affect FPS.
Now with 2K and 4K versions!

Thanks to WoodWhale because I used his textures as a base.
Shack Wood Replacer by WoodWhale

  • Replaces the shack wall, floor, stairs and roof wood textures.
  • Replaces the Greenhouse wood textures.
  • Replaces various wooden objects in the game such as pallets and containers.
  • Snap N' Build wooden structures will also be affected.
  • Optional file that replaces the wood textures of the Clean Settlement Mods.

  • It now has a lighter version which matches well with the unpainted textures of "Clean Barns by dgulat". 
  • The light version is available in 1K and 512 resolution.
  • If I get any requests, I'll make a 2K and 4K version.

Extract files into "../Fallout 4" folder.

Delete installed textures in Textures/Architecture/Shacks & .../Warehouse folders
Delete installed textures in Textures/CleanSettlement/Architecture/Shacks & .../Warehouse folders

WoodWhale for the original wood textures.
Bethesda for making all this possible.