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Where's the middle ground between the "Sniper" Barrel and the Short "Barrel"? Right here.

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Author: MadCat221 ([email protected])

Version: 1

First release: March 13, 2017

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The Plasma Gun.  A variety of barrel swap-outs can change its role; from pistol to automatic, to scattergun, to "sniper" and even to a flamethrower.  But what about just a plain ol long barrel to make it a better semi-auto gun? No such luck... until now.

Enter the Carbine Barrel. Much like how the long barrel is the middle-road between the short barrel and the sniper barrel on the Laser Rifle, the Carbine Barrel sits between the Short "Barrel"* an the "Sniper"* Barrel in stats.

* = Quotes because the short "barrel" is basically "No" Barrel, and the very subsonic projectiles make it a poor sniper rifle.


The carbine barrel mod's visuals are made from the sniper barrel's, but with a length more reminiscent of the plasma rifle from Fallout 3/New Vegas. It has a heftier-sounding firing sound also based on the plasma sniper rifle's to further differentiate it from the short "barrel".

Stats-wise, it enhances the range, damage, sighted accuracy, and recoil, but at the cost of ammo capacity and hip fire accuracy... but nowhere near to the degree of the sniper barrel. Furthermore,  it maintains the same rate of semi-automatic fire, and its ammo capacity drop is nowhere near as big a hit as the sniper barrel's.

There is a standard and an improved version available through the weapons workbench.  I *think* I set it up to appear in the wild, but it's a rather uncommon gun to begin with it seems.  I have seen one instance of a merchant selling a plasma gun with the carbine barrel, so it *seems* to be working.


Unpack the ESP module and loose files into your Fallout 4/Data folder and activate the module in your mod manager of choice. Use the optional download AWKCR-compatible module if you use that.


v 1.0:
* First release.