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A perfect outfit for your favorite Brotherhood dissident!

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Finally! After (a) year of waiting you can finally play as your favorite faction from Fallout 3- the Brotherhood Outcasts! Wait... Someone's already made this is a paintjob? Hm... Well, damn. Well- if you're a fan of that one, go and download it! This specific set of Power Armor was created for the show Brotherhood REDACTED! If you're a fan of Fallout, even in the slightest, you should absolutely check out the series linked below!

(the first few episodes are rough, since they were a test. But all the rest of the episodes up until the current one are all top notch!)

This adds a brand new paintjob free-of-charge to anyone who owns a set of T-45 Power Armor. Yes, yes, as of right now and for the foreseeable future for the sake of the aforementioned machinima it is only the T-45 armor that gets the paintjob. What's so cool about it, you might ask? Well, unlike many paintjob mods here on the nexus this one has the fancy prefix name "Outcast" when applied- and thanks to one very handsome and good looking modder you may have heard of by the name of Unoctium, it won't conflict with any other mods or DLC that also adds prefixes! Awesome!

Aside from looking damn sexy, the paintjob does add a small boost to your Strength and Agility- the basic Strength enhancement given by one of the other Power Armor mods.

I thought long and hard about how to implement the paintjob. Tie it to a magazine? Make it so that you have to quit or get kicked out of the Brotherhood? Both fantastic ideas. But that also requires like... Work. So for now, at the very least, it's available right from the start of the game. The only prerequisite is having a set of T-45 on hand to apply to the armor.

Sadly, it's not in the cards at the moment. Due to working on the show, I'm a very busy man. I would absolutely love to make a Paintjob for the rest of the power armors but I just can't find the time right now. Maybe, sometime in the future, I'll be able to add support for them as well as some other power armor mods like Unoctium and Dogtooth's stuff, and even the robots too. 

Who knows? Maybe I'll be motivated based on how well this one does. It has been a LONG time since I've released a mod so I'm hoping all goes according to keikaku*

(translators note: keikaku means plan)
((Power Armored Deathclaw not included. As far as YOU know.)

Hopper31: Implementation
Unoctium: Advice and awesome Instance Naming Merging Script thingy
Tacoduck: For wanting to help out even though he fell asleep. I still love you.
MTindle: A lot of texture advice.
Elianora, Jokerine, DogtoothCG, TokyoBiohazard, GrandBulwark, Forzane, Bradhl35 for emotional support and encouragement.