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Settlement Defense Turrets. APC, Tank (and a few WIP minigun turrets)

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Settlement Defense Turrets.
APC and Tank that function as a machine gun turret and dual rocket launcher turret, respectively. These are slight WIPs.
(and a few heavy WIP player only minigun turrets...and a WIP Vertibird, though it does fast travel)

Pulled these out from my main mod, The Small Addition.
Some of them are/were in my Betho Block mod, but only as a test.
This separates them out to get them some attention and for anyone who may not want the main mod's 300MB download. =P
Can now also be found in the Commonwealth with APC Turrets In The Commonwealth.

Colors include the vanilla APC and artillery tank textures, along with a few from the main mod (Green and Tan plastic).

Build them with steel. Might not make it any more complicated than that for now (in the main mod, they take plastic, for what I hope are obvious reasons over there, heh).

The extra included WIP minigun turrets are, well, really heavy WIPs (and player only).
As I move forward with them (and the similar but rideable cats, dogs and Giddy's) in the main mod, and if there is a call for them more here, they will be improved upon here.

As always, let me know if there is an issue. =)

Pairs well with Relay Tower Bunker Alpha by ReaperTai.

Anyone interested in helping with animations for the WIP minigun turrets, please feel free to reach out to me and know that it would be greatly appreciated.

Known issues (I'm only noting for the mod's primary Workshop APC and Tank Turrets, as the included WIP miniguns have numerous issues and are "WIP"):
-Collision is odd on APC and Tank turrets. I'm not sure I can progress with that...involves tools I just don't have.
-Disappear when caught on fire. =/
-Due to the way I've done the install script, these will not work with settlements created by Conquest and the likes. They only work in true settlements (vanilla or mods are both okay, just have to be full settlements).
-Hmm, and, apparently, if the tanks die and are repaired they lose their barrels...that's new. =/
-The Vertibird will carry passengers, but they need to be directed/told to enter/exit it.

-Install through you favorite mod manager.
-If they don't show up right away in the main workshop menu (towards the end, on first install), try leaving the settlement location fully, then going back, OR going to another settlement (again, this is due to how the install/uninstall script has been implemented).

-Exit any settlement location your character may be in.
-Exit game.
-Uninstall using whatever method you used to install them.

Ummm, what did I forget?

Oh yeah, if you like these things and aren't tied to clear and obvious lore friendly Fallout content in your game, come take a look at The Small Addition. Lots of other fun stuff to do there.

Like always, be kind, helpful, and remember that someday you may need help and that it might be a good idea to keep bridges un-burnt. ;-)

Thank you and have a good day. =D
...still feel like I'm forgetting something.

Ah yes:
For settlement decorative versions, those can be found here:
RT Military Vehicle Pack

Credit for the UCMC APC original model and textures go to:
koumis and JSnider