About this mod

Combined 4 different blueprints into one.

Permissions and credits
This is what happens when you ask "What IF....".
I exported 4 different Spectacle Island builds and combined them into one massive settlement.
In order to keep the size down, I stripped out all the "extras" like beds, most furniture etc...
I did leave 4 generators, 3 water plants, a bunch of crops and a recruitment beacon. So all you really need to do is build some beds, reconnect the power and flip on the beacon.

The building closest to the old house has 4 Penthouse apartments which I used for my companions.
There are several apartments on the floor below and the first floor was a mall.
The building that's attached to it I used for storing Power Armor and "parking" my current companion. The reason for
the lone chair.
The tall glass building was an experiment to see if the NPC's could function that high.. Yep they can with no problem. (but it doesn't have any doorways either) lol!
I did notice I forgot a turret inside one of the legs. You'll see it poking its barrel out the side.

Oh.. 3 of the 4 boats also come with this blueprint. For some reason, the
one on the far left wasn't smart enough to get with the program. Understandable.. ;)
See the "Notes" below if you don't know how to spawn in a replacement.

Site prep:
You need to scrap everything inside the red box show in the pic below. You
will also need to scrap the little hut the workbench sits in, and then move the workbench.
You can wait until after importing to move it, as most of it will be sticking up through the floor. That way you'll know
exactly where to move it.
You also need to scrap the 2 wreaked boats... but they can wait until after import if you want.
You can also scrap the sandbars and collect the goodies inside. ;)

Now... when you start the import process... relax and have a beer.. it will take a little bit.

Required Mods:
Transfer Settlements (duh)
Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
Place Everywhere
Power everywhere - Long range pylon
Optional... but REALLY recommended..
Scrap Everything
Easy Homebuilder and Working Double Beds
Advanced Settlement Turret Set or you wont have any defense...
Clean Wasteland Workshop so the place looks nice and clean...

How to spawn in a boat...
Walk up to the boat of your choice, jumping up on it is best, open the console and click on the boat to get it's Ref ID.
Walk back up on the beach a little, nice open spot, try to look straight ahead (level) then open the console and type;
Close the console and a boat will magically appear in front of you. IF it doesn't, then you didn't get the correct Ref ID. and just spawned in a chunk of fog.
If the boat is all leaning over, don't worry.. you can straighten it right up with Place Everywhere.