Fallout 4

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These are all of my "lived-in" settlement builds which I have shown on YouTube. Feel free to place them in your game.

Permissions and credits
I have created a huge, detailed settlement for every settlement space in the game. These are my "lived-in" settlements that you can now download and place in your own game, thanks to CDante's Transfer Settlements mod.

These settlements ignore the build limit and are very large. They will bog down machines that can't handle them. They will run more smoothly without settlers, and you can always trim away at them. I get 20-30 FPS in some of the larger settlements on my machine, and 40-50 FPS in the medium ones.

I designed my settlements as the General of the Minutemen would for the Commonwealth. Each settlement can house up to 36 settlers. Each settler has his or her own bed, and there are dozens of jobs available. Each settlement is self-sustaining, generating its own food and water. Each has fully covered beds, plenty of defense pointed at all spawn points, and plenty of electricity. Most of them have guard dogs, and each has a Minuteman Artillery Cannon.

I use mods to craft my settlements, and each settlement requires different mods. I include them below, with an exact list and link for each mod necessary to get that settlement to work. That said,  most settlements will work just fine without any mods. The items from those mods will simply be missing, and you can replace them with whatever you want.

Some settlements require mods that no longer exist. In those cases, I will try to get permission from the original author to republish the mod as a miscellaneous download on this mod page. But if I do not get the permission, then sadly, any items that came from that mod will be missing in your game. Usually, these will just be minor decorations that you can always replace. You CAN still import the blueprint without those mods.

Feel free to alter these settlements any way you choose, make your own blueprints of them, and share them wherever you like. These are now your settlements too!


  • It is normal for a few items to be missing when you import a blueprint--one or two walls, a missing bed, etc. The good news is that you now have all the mods needed to replace the items! You can try importing it again, or just walk around and make any necessary fixes.
  • Please reach out to CDante if you have any feature requests for Transfer Settlements, or if you have any bugs to report. This transfer process works best if you keep his mod up to date.


Kingsport Lighthouse

You will get an error saying you need other mods,  but ignore those. As long as you have the ones listed below, the blueprint will work.

Sunshine Tidings Co-op

This is a former hippy commune turned Minuteman settlement. Talk about redemption!

The Mechanist's Lair

I created this to be a "depot" station for my Minutemen Provisioners. It sorts and files food and water the provisioners then take out to the other settlements in the commonwealth. The conveyor belt's are in an endless loop, but they look neat :)

The Castle

The Castle has walls that I patched myself using concrete walls. In a future update, I will patch the walls using mods instead.

  • Bathroom Clutter (Misc Files of This Mod) The author removed this mod from the Nexus. I am awaiting permission from the mod author to republish the mod.
  • Craftable Pillars & Supports - The author removed this mod from the Nexus. I am awaiting permission from the mod author to republish the mod.

Vault 88

This one will be difficult to wire up with electricity unless you use Place Everywhere. This is also my largest settlement ever. It may bog down weaker machines. You may also need to manually replace the water tiles from Build Your Own Pool--Transfer Settlements doesn't capture them correctly.

Outpost Zimonja

Oberland Station

News & Updates


I published my blueprint for Sunshine Tidings Co-op.


I published my blueprint for The Mechanist's Lair.


I published my blueprint for The Castle.


I published my much-requested Vault 88 blueprint. Please see above for a full list of required mods.


I released my Outpost Zimonja blueprint. Please see above for a full list of all required mods.


Today I am releasing the first of my settlements, Oberland Station. I will upload a new blueprint for every settlement in the game. I just need time to export them all. If you do not see a settlement you want yet, track this file until I upload it. You can watch walkthroughs of all of my settlement builds here:


Please feel free to upload images of my settlements in your world. They are now your settlements. Enjoy!