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Small tweak to some Combat Armor legs that let you run and jump around normally, but allow you to make bigger jumps when sprinting.

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This is something I made for my cyborg character when the GITS Motoko Kusanagi Outfit was released, loved the armor but wanted my character to be able to jump like the Major (I pretty much failed). So I tweaked it in the same way some other armor mods achieve a bigger jump but soon got feed up of jumping 20 ft. into the air when I only needed to hop up a small step. A few tweaks later and I had the bigger jump only working when you sprint. It's hard to get a big jump without a decent run-up but I preferred it to big jumps all the time.

This mod adds some combat armor legs that increase your jump height when you are sprinting. With one leg equipped you can jump over some Power Armor. With both legs equipped you can just make it onto the low roof section of the Red Rocket. Any higher and the jump animation starts to look odd and I have no idea how to change that.

I then made it work with Concealed Armors, that way I could use the jump with other outfits without having to tweak them all. It takes me ages to do things with the Creation Kit, I normally only use it to tweak weapon and armor stats.

To install: use NMM, if you are not using NMM you probably know what to do.

Because I don't like using the Creation Kit the armor isn't found in game, open the console and type.

help "jump armor" 4

This will show you the ID number for adding them to your inventory, then type. (see screenshot)

player.additem xx000f99 20 (replace xx with the numbers shown after typing help "jump armor" 4)


player.additem xx001735 20
(replace xx with the numbers shown after typing help "jump armor" 4)

Adding 20 of each will give you a selection of standard, sturdy and heavy, keep what you want and scrap/store the rest.

For those unfamiliar with console commands.
Fallout 4 ► CONSOLE COMMANDS! (Tutorial)  
Fallout 4 console commands

To uninstall: unequip the armor, check that your jumps are working normally, save and quit, use NMM.

The standard version only requires the main game so should work for XBone and PS4 if they are added to the world.

The Concealed Armors version requires all the DLC (AWKCR) and Concealed Armors (note I have not integrated this armor into AWKCR which is needed for the version of Concealed Armors I have installed)

There is probably a more elegant way to implement this such as an armor mod or legendary effect, but I went with what I could get to work. This is the first mod I have uploaded, it has been running on one of my saves for hundreds of hours with no problems, but I have no idea if there could be potential problems with other load-orders because of a rookie mistake on my part, apologies in advance if there are any.

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