About this mod

Throw all the rocks you want... it's BULLET PROOF Glass!

Permissions and credits
This one was going great until bedtime came around.
You'll notice the sleeping quarters are, well, crappy. This is due to the fact that NPC's can't find a freaking doorway, and that was the only way I could get them into bed.
Maybe you'll have better luck and can clean that mess up. LOL!
Other than that, they can navigate everywhere else quite nicely.

You can't really tell in the screen shots, but the entire thing is enclosed in glass as is the center stairs/ramp.
Main power, water and the settlement beacon is in the green house. There is another generator attached to the back side of the slot machine facing the bar.

Site prep:
Backup to the workshop workbench, now scrap/store everything from there to the build boarder.
Done? Weeellll aren't you just the scrapin fool! ;)
That's it... import awaaaay!

Required Mods:
Transfer Settlements (duh)
Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
Advanced Settlement Turret Set or you wont have any defense...

Optional... but REALLY recommended..1 cause they're really kool and 2 cause you 'll be missing stuff if you don't have them.
Institute reclamation chair and Renovated Furniture or you wont have any beds...
Clean Wasteland Workshop so the place looks nice and clean...
Power everywhere - Long range pylon or you'll have to run more pylons...

Fun but nothing to worry about if you don't have...
Happy Maker 9000 keeps the whining settlers quiet...

Okay! I think that's all you need to know. Well, that's all I'm gonna tell ya anyway. :)