About this mod

Yep! The plane comes with it!

Permissions and credits
This is a little starter settlement that you can move right into.
Power, clean water, crops and workbenches included at no extra cost.
If you act within the next 200 years we'll even throw in your very own airplane! :)

This blueprint only has 513 items... so it'll import pretty fast.

Site prep:
You really don't have to do anything but import, reconnect the power and go.
Power! There's a generator attached to one of the slot machines facing the stores. Jump into the fountain and you'll see it.

Required Mods:
Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
Transfer Settlements (duh)

Optional... but REALLY recommended..
Easy Homebuilder and Working Double Beds or you wont have any beds...
Advanced Settlement Turret Set or you wont have any defense...
Clean Wasteland Workshop so the place looks nice and clean...
Power everywhere - Long range pylon or you'll have to run more pylons...

Yes there are walls, even though it looks like they are missing.