About this mod

It's a big one.

Permissions and credits
This settlement blueprint contains 4765 items and is 2.56MB. 98%... maybe 99% of that is the structure.
Sooo... with that being said, there are a couple things you will need to do BEFORE importing this monster.

Site prep:
Clean out all the trees and brush around the entire border. (Or stuff will be sticking through the walls.)

Now... when you start the import process... relax and have a beer.. it will take a little bit.

Required Mods:
Transfer Settlements
Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
Clean Shacks

Optional... but REALLY recommended..
Easy Homebuilder and Working Double Beds or you wont have any beds...
Advanced Settlement Turret Set or you wont have any defense...
Clean Wasteland Workshop so the place looks nice and clean...
Power everywhere - Long range pylon or you'll have to run more pylons...

Fun but nothing to worry about if you don't have...
Happy Maker 9000 keeps the whining settlers quiet...

There are some missing wall panels... ON PURPOSE. So don't get all excited. ;)
There are 3 on the North side and 2 on the South side, both at ground level. That is where the Caravans travel through.
There are some missing on the 12th floor (short tower) because the AI freaks out when an NPC gets that high and forgets how to use a doorway.
There's 1 on the 8th floor (short tower) well... just cause settlers are dumb. lol!
There is also a missing glass floor tile... somewhere... might be high... or not.. ;)

Okay! I think that's all you need to know. Well, that's all I'm gonna tell ya anyway. :)