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Keeps some weapons from turning enemies to bloody bits because it doesn't really make sense.

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This is a really simple mod that makes a few changes to specific weapons so that they do/don't dismember people or explode heads.

It has always been mildly annoying for me to see relatively small-caliber weapons turning people's heads to jelly or being able to lop off someone's arms and legs with a kitchen knife. Plus, I personally think that shooting someone in the face with a 10mm and seeing their head explode into tiny tiny bits makes the violence more cartoonish than visceral. And I loves me some viscera...

This mod is not necessarily meant to reduce the amount of gore in the game, though that is a side effect depending on the weapons/mods that you use.

The 10mm pistols, Deliverer, all Pipe Weapons, Submachine Guns, and the Minigun will no longer dismember/decap enemies. However, the .50 caliber receiver for the bolt-action pipe guns, .45 cal receiver for semi-auto pipe guns, and .308 receiver for pipe revolvers will restore normal decap capabilities for those weapons. The Explosive Rounds vanilla legendary effect will also restore limb-exploding functionality to legendary weapons... because duh.

Batons, boxing gloves, knives, knuckles, lead pipes, nailboards, pipe wrenches, rolling pins, and tire irons will no longer explode/dismember enemies. However, certain weapon mods such as the extra-heavy head mods for boxing gloves, pipe wrenches, etc. will restore the ability to explode heads. Additionally, large blades applied to weapons like tire irons, nailboards, knuckles, etc will allow those weapons to dismember enemies. 

And that's basically it. Super simple. Oh, and the "rule of cool" also applies here. So things like the .44 and baseball bats will still pop heads, and large blades on baseball bats will dismember enemies. Because I like that stuff.

Below is a demonstration of the Tire Iron and the ability to use the bladed weapon mod to re-enable dismemberment.


This mod REQUIRES AWKCR because I figured most people use it anyway and I didn't feel like having to make a separate patch for it. 

This mod will not conflict with custom weapon mods, nor should it conflict with new calibers, though I could be wrong. I don't use new calibers, so if I'm wrong, be sure to call me an idiot in the comments. 

This mod also will not conflict with mods like Living Dismemberment or Immersive Dismemberment. They change the way dismemberment is calculated while this mod changes whether or not certain weapons/weapon mods run those calculations. 

This mod WILL conflict with any mods that edit the same base vanilla weapons/weapon mod entries. For instance, a simple mod that increases minigun damage will conflict with this mod. If you place that mod after this one, it will override my edit to the minigun, and vice-versa. 

Retextures will work fine. 

It's such a simple mod, I don't really care what happens to it. Do what you want, short of uploading it somewhere and saying you did it all by yourself...

Enjoy! Or don't. I'm not a cop.

Xbone version coming soon.