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Fallout 4 MCM

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Yep, fallout 4 mcm


why light? coz of made without f4se:
[-] program can't read any data from game. all default initial settings should set manually in config file, but it will save in interface when changed.
[-] since as3 cant access to files without direct link it needs one master file with all possible config file names (yes like my 1 year old def_CM). it can't just read all xml's from some folder.
[+] its no need f4se = should works in xb1 (?)

how to add mod in mcm for everyone?

create xml
place it into Data\Programs (optional pack it into ba2)
send me xml name and i will include it into def_mcm_off_plugins_list

how to add mod in mcm for private use?

create xml and name it  def_mcm_custom0x.xml where x is 0-9
place it into Data\Programs (optional pack it into ba2)

for testing menu appearance u no need always run game. u can just unpack mcm ba2 and run def_mcm.swf

mod structure 

so. it have 2 files: Data\Programs\def_mcm_official.xml which contain all mods which you will give me know
and 2nd file Data\Programs\def_mcm_custom.xml packed in ba2 which contain filenames from def_mcm_custom00.xml to def_mcm_custom09.xml
that means if u will make file e.g. def_mcm_custom04.xml and place it into Data\Programs\ it whould be loaded too

mcm file structure

best way to looks how it works is open available config file for my survival stats widget.

basic structure is

<DEF_MCM author="author" name="unique_name" text="mod_name_text" version="1" hint="mod_name_hint">
<page name="unique_page_name" text="page_name_text" hint="page_name_hint">
; there are few possible elements
<element type="space" /> ;  just add one blank string
<element type="line" /> ; add line to separate different sections
<element type="text" text="any test here" /> ;  just add text for label or hint
<element type="image" src="class_name" /> ; not fully implemented yet, contain only 2 builtin images "img_builtin_gopher" and "img_builtin_mcmlogo"
; and few possible controls
<element type="checkbox" name="unique_element_name" checked="0" text="element_text" hint="element_hint">

<element type="radio" name="unique_element_name" checked="0" group="2" text="element_text" hint="element_hint">

<element type="slider" name="unique_element_name" minvalue="0" maxvalue="3" step="0.1" value="1" posttext="text_which_will_show_after_value" hint="element_hint">


any control can contain commands:
<element type="checkbox" name="unique_element_name" checked="0" text="element_text" hint="element_hint">
<command name="unique_command_name" type="command_type" event="event_type" string="command_to_run" />

type: can be "custom" or "setglobal"

"custom" just run console command listed in string.
example: command name="alig32" type="custom" event="check" string="cqf def_W_main_quest SetConf" />

"setglobal" will set globalvariable. string will contain parameters: "form_id_in_decimal plugin_file_name value_to_set"
example: command name="enableeff1" type="setglobal" event="check" string="33188 &quot;DEF_WIDGETS_CORE.esm&quot; 0" />

event: can be for checkbox  "check", "uncheck", "any" = check or uncheck

for radiobutton: "check"

and "valuechange" for slider. also u can use $$val alias in string which will replace with slider value
example: command name="composy" type="custom" event="valuechange" string="cqf def_w_sur1q setposY $$val" />

that's all

for testing menu appearance u no need always run game. u can just unpack def_mcm.swf  from def_mcm.ba2 and fonts_programs.swf from f4 - interface.ba2 and run def_mcm.swf 

tiny example how looks main mcm info page in xml
<DEF_MCM author="Neanka" name="DEF_MCM light" text="DEF_MCM light Info" version="1" hint="DEF_MCM Light Info">
<page name="About" text="About" hint="Information about mod">
<element type="space" />
<element type="line" />
<element type="text" text="   DEF_MCM light v.1 by Neanka" />
<element type="line" />
<element type="space" />
<element type="image" src="img_builtin_mcmlogo" />