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100% Custom remake of the classic Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle.

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V2 Released, Remade from scratch!


A remake of the classic laser rifle from Fallout 1-2. The goal of this project is to recreate an original, 100% custom and lore friendly representation of the old classic laser rifle while still adapting it to the new Fallout game engine. Now completely overhauled, remodeled from scratch, new textures. These changes should represent the rifle better. Please do post what you think of the weapons capabilities through out the different stages of the game, does it need nerf? Or does it need a buff perhaps?

Unique Variant can be obtained in the Wattz Consumer Electronics building.
Past level 15: Can be obtained from gunner Snipers, BOS soldiers as well from Special gun Vendors.
Legendary's may drop after level 20.

- Updated specular maps.
- Minor texture bug fixes. 

- Complete remake, new mesh new textures.
- Added new scopes, short + long recon.
- New Marksman Stock.
- Minor bug fixes. 
- 4K textures added.

- 2 Muzzle types + upgrades.
- 2 Stocks.
- 2 Barrel types + upgrades.
- L/M/S Scopes + Night Vision variants + Reflex sight.
- 7 types of Receivers.
- Custom firing sounds. 
- Custom Mesh + Textures.
        - Scripted leveled list integration.


Simply download and install the mod using standard installation methods, NMM is recommended.

Do endorse the mod if you enjoyed it, also feel free to upload your screenshots of the mod.